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Postby Crow » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:37 am

Judaism, the birthing mother, daughter of Zoroastrianism and Egyptian death worshiping, giving birth to Christianity, by her lover the Hellene, and Islam, by her barbarian ravagers.

Christianity birthing Marxism, the prodigal daughter, and Humanism, the daughter who stayed around the wandering hearth.

Psychology of the lost son, or daughter in need of a stronger father.
It attracts the sick, the ignorant, the desperate, the needy into a soothing lie.

It offers inversions to cope with how the world is.
Demonizes nature, life - castrating, circumcising it, to purify it, converting it to an alternative, a contradiction to worship.

All is inverted in Nihilism.
What is perceived, experienced, is denied, if it is not inverted - negated.
All becomes theory, ideal, noumenon, in variuos stages of detachment.
Blind to all but the esoteric, the shared idea(l), the abstraction.
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Re: Abrahamism

Postby Crow » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:37 am

Christian mythology is a coming-of-age tale - a ritual.
In it its unifying icon, Jesus, is put to death, and resurrected as pure idea(l).
What is crucified in his Jewish, Roman heritage so that merger can occur through abstraction.

When Jesus returns from the dead, he is no longer Roman, nor Hebrew, but a synthesis, simplifying/generalizing contradictions into vagueness.
Its message is one of becoming pure "spirit" or idea, so as to merge different genetic backgrounds, and to assimilate their differences within a unifying meme.

As a rite of passage we can read the Bible story as a male raised by a Jewish mother, rebelling against his bloodline, and idealizing his absent father, who he can fantasize about and selectively define.
Jewish and christian conflict is a reflection of this child coming of age, and wanting to go off and find his father, so as to overcome him - in the Freudian narrative to "kill" him, as a symbol.
The myth is full of hints that urge, potential recruits follow, to abandon their families, meaning their genetic blood, and follow him, as the idea that replaces family and blood with abstraction.
This is what conversion means to the Christian.
Though Jewish identity is passed from mother to son, the christian denies the mother, to go out into the world and discover his absent father.
This is the meme to gene inversion, contradicting Paganism's from gene to meme.

Christian psychology is about resenting the mother who, after being raped, mentally/physically, and her choice to carry the product to term, to accept the repercussions, so as to then offer him an alternate, a surrogate father, which is nothing more than a surrogate mother (cuckolded male) - as the Jews do when they are but corporeal representations of the one and only masculine force, and what children he, the "man", begets are not truly his own - see the tale of Abraham as the unifying icon for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The "son", having yet to become mature, because he has no father to overcome and finish the natural rites of maturing, denounces the mother and holds her accountable for his absence - missing part of him.
The part that is missing is the earthly, the corporeal, the phenomenal part, which Hellenism represents, leaving him with the mother's noetic abstractions - her as ideal.
The corporeal is to be discovered, just as Nihilism attempts to become more than a noetic construct rejecting world, but dreams of rooting itself in a world it rejects, and nullifies.
A shameful rejection of this state of convenience, as a consequence of the threat Hellenism posed to Judaic Nihilism.
In Christianity contradictions are covered over with the denial of sex, race, family, but not fully overcome, and replaces these categories with believer/unbeliever, or infidel and the faithful.
Marxism does the same only it rejects the only remaining division: God as the necessary divisive symbol, replacing it with 'humanity', changing the distinctions of faith into that of work.
The ideal faithful ones are evaluated by how much they sacrifice in their labor, and share it with their fellow humans, through the state.
Sacrificial rites to the god now becomes labor, sacrifice of effort/time, which is another way of defining life.
Modern rejection of Christianity is founded on this Marxist effect.
We now live in a Marxist influenced world where work, your access to resources, are what distinguish you as the righteous - the one who sacrifices his ego to the system, so as to them receive, from it, his just rewards.
God as System/Institution is a Marxist innovation.
No race, no sex, only loyalty and labor distinguishing quality.
Laziness being sinful.
Selfishness is good, if you abide by the "commandments" - then you are doing god's work, paying your taxes as a sacrifice, a giving unto god your gratitude, reaffirming your faith in him.

This last step of ridding Christianity, Abrahamism in general, of the God ideal, is what freed Nihilism form its last constraint.
After that, in other words once atheism became a pat of Humanism, Nihilism could reinvent itself as anything.
This is what we now know as identity crisis.
A symptom of the end-phase - Modernity.

In effect, what Christianity did was it identified with the feminine while idealizing the masculine, turning it from flesh & blood into a concept that could then be imagined, fantasized, as anything.
It is a very Modern story, describing a pregnant female, seduced and then abandoned, forcing her to justify herself to her own husband, by accusing the male of rape. It’s a story of refusing to abort, and fabricating a story to explain the child’s features.

Jesus is the son of a single mother, where the only masculine example, present in his life, is a cuckolded beta with whom he feels no commonality, but who accepts his lot as provider, and protector of another man's sperm.
The absent father is idealized, from afar, as all sons with missing fathers do. Either loving him, or hating him, absolutely, depending no the mother's attitude toward the one who used her and then left her to an inferior mate.
In the case of Jesus the missing Roman was converted to a Divine Father.
A boy going out into the world to find this 'devil', this daemon, and finding him in himself.
A son identifying with his present supportive mother, a cuckolded step-father, and a missing idolized male, he could fantasize about but never overcome, to become a man himself.
He dies a man-child, symbol to all men-children and betas, and females wronged by the masculine spirit - paternalism.

Converting the masculine to an ideal is what Marxism does, and Modernity, when it converts it into a spirit-less abstraction, a faceless, sexless, race-less, Institution.
Jesus "saves" beta males from their lot. He makes them into spirit - theoretically perfect - that find salvation in the spirit realm where nothing physical applies.
Their worldly inferiority expunged, forgiven.
Females begin worshiping masculinity as they would a spirit, a theory - a non-physical abstract, hypothetical, perfect, alpha/omega male, and spend a lifetime seeking his earthly representation, his Christ-avatar.

The Jesus story is a story of cultural rape - genetic and memetic forceful domination - seduction hidden in female innocence.
When the degraded, misers, proud of their meekness, came in contact with the worldly Hellenic spirit, the impact was devastating.
The sickly had to distance themselves, or assimilate this new threat, or perish before its health.
Christianity was a first, failed attempt, with Nietzsche the diagnostician of the incongruity, the disharmony, the incompatibility.

A new assimilation attempt is underway, trying to absorb Nietzsche into a reincarnation of Christianity, under a new name.
Not Nietzsche per se but what he reminded the Moderns world of - Paganism, the forgotten ancestry.
He reinterpreted the forgotten past into modern post-Christian jargon - he recalled, destroying Christian hypocrisy, shattering its iconic facades, and forcing a second coming.

History repeats....and this new Messiah, whoever it will be, will be destroyed by a new Hellenic revitalization.
Hellas and Judea are coincidental representatives of deeper psychological attitudes towards life and existence.
Attitudes creating representational civilizations like Rome and the U.S.A. - health and illness.
Realism and Nihilism.
The noetic based, and the phenomenon based - empiricism versus theory.

When the mind is detached from its body, it loses grounding.
It conveniently soars up to the unfounded, constructing castles in the sky, declaring itself anything and everything, losing itself in its own delusions.

Jesus' story is one we can empathize with.
It is, after all, not coincidentally a very Modern tale: single mother raising an illegitimate son, with a man not related to her, or the boy, by blood.
We might say that Joseph is the ideal beta-male, to be emulated by all, or rather the perfect representation of a Modern "nice guy", a very open-minded enlightened man, to inspire Modern males to be that for their companions. An example of a 'healthy", civilized attitude.
We know little of his life so we can only speculate as to why he left home when he did, casting-off, on his own, to find his "real father" only to find him in himself in the process.
The phenomenon of leaving home is part of the modern rites of passage. Child leaves the family’s hearth to give itself to the systemic bonfire.
Failure to do so is reason for shaming and exclusion.
But this was not the case in the time when Jesus was growing up. In fact the opposite.
The masculine dynamics could not have been pleasant for a boy, dominated by a male not of his blood, who looked nothing like him, and probably had very little in common with him. Not a male role-model for a boy already feeling like an outsider, because of his genes, his looks.
Perhaps we can find a hint of it in his teachings, relating to family, and how he told those fishermen, his soon to be Apostles, to leave their families and follow him – offering us an example of a very current clique, an entourage – or in how he emphasized the divine, ideal Father, degrading his corporeal stepfather to insignificance.
The circumstances of Jesus' life are difficult but not as bad as what they could have been.
If, for example, he were born to a Jewish women who then abandoned him to be raised by his Roman father, in which case he would not have been named Jesus nor suffered from the same psychosis.
He would have not been a saviour, a redeemer of the meek, nor could he have been converted by one of his followers into an icon of victims around the world.
Circumstances could have been worse if we permit ourselves some artistic leeway, and imagine how a boy, raised by a Roman, or Pagan mother, and a Jewish father would have turned out.
Both parents present but a circumstance where both bloodlines excluded him. One because it was legitimized by the maternal and the other by the paternal side.
Such a child would feel no unquestionable identity with either side of his inheritance; no unconditional acceptance, appreciation – rejected by both sides as a half-breed, a counterfeit.
A minor detail but a significant one.

A male born in these circumstances would be totally lost, feeling unappreciated, rejected – he would attract and gather lost-boys who saw in him the epitome of their own illegitimacy, their own alienation.
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Re: Abrahamism

Postby Crow » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:45 am

The Christ story - the christened one - is a Modern story we experience daily.
It is a story of Zoroastrianism corrupted Judaism, with the selective injections of Hellenism - later they were banished from Babylon where they came in contact with this more ancient form of Nihilism, taking with them many of its symbols, concepts, metaphors.
A story not repeated in the east, with Siddhartha, without the benefit of a Jewish tribes to corrupt the message and invert the teaching from anti-organized religion into the foundations of an organized religion.
It is a urban story about population and resource pressures necessitating a change in attitude, an en-lightening, repression of ego, and a blinding one's self from world - self-castration, perfectly symbolized by the ritual of circumcision. A story of broken families, illegitimate children, cuckolded omega-males, social control of sexual dispositions and the punishment of failing to abide by them.

Jesus is the symbol of Nihilistic salvation.
Phenomenon, the body, sacrificed to be reborn as pure noumenon, as pure idea(l) - theory.
Body, the phenomenon was crucified, as a warning to all, and with it the Hellenic side of the christian synthesis.
The message is clear....and this is why it adopts certain parts of Hellenism and interprets them to its inconvenience - as Platonic ideals: mind shall b the servant of the passions, and no sensual experience, or lack of, will shake its faith, its loyalty, commitment, its sacrifice of physical self - a word-covenant.
Resurrection in Christianity symbolizes salvation from appearances, from the worldly, from past/nature - all is saved by being converted to spirit - sexless, race-less, lacking all biological identifications - pure idea(l).
Believers are asked to become living-cadavers - zombies, awaiting the decay of flesh, so as to become fully deceased.
Zombies is a metaphor of how Moderns think of themselves - as hedonistic, consuming, rotting, mindless, husks to be liberated from themselves by being decapitated - body following brain-death.
Animated passion, interacting hunger.
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