The roots of "Don't Judge" fallacy

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The roots of "Don't Judge" fallacy

Postby Chainsaw » Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:15 pm

Hi everyone. I've been a member here before, maybe around 10 years ago or something. I couldn't remember my old username, so I made a new one.

Just came to ask you fellows, what do you think the term "don't judge" comes from? Is it an American thing, or it's rooted in religion and what Christ said about judge and judgement?

The term is very popular but it doesn't make any sense, because the human's brain is wired to judge. So basically saying people "don't judge" or saying "no judgement" doesn't make any sense but is used merely to shut people up when someone say something unpleasant? Why even people use judge and judgement merely as a negative term? Why people only refer to it as condemnation or anything harsh? Isn't even our positive conclusion a judgement? Why then people don't say "don't judge me" when you approve their words and actions? If judging and making judgement is wrong, why people don't use it when you make a positive judgement about them?

Where does this demonization of these words come from? I see no trace but the Christian teachings behind this, because no matter how many people use these words in a negative way, it still doesn't reflect on the meaning of the word judge. People saying "you should not judge" are actually making a judgement by that statement. How is this term so popular and used by various people of different education, when the whole thing is just questionable and contradictory in essence?
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