I can save you time watching the debate...

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I can save you time watching the debate...

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:24 pm

IQ45 will spend the entire debate attacking Biden and his son..
ending with a chant of "lock him up, lock him up, and " but his e-mails"

IQ45 will ignore any talk that really matters to the American voter, like
you know "how will I put food on the table", and "what about the virus"
you know, with over 210,000 deaths.. because IQ45 can't protect you from
the virus, because he can't even protect himself or his family or the White house staff,
and why? because he has no plans of any kind and he has admitted as such...

and what about being evicted? what is the plan there? but he won't talk
about anything that actually matters to the American people...

"Lock him up" "Lock him up" and "but what about her e-mails"

that is all IQ45 is going to say tonight....

there I just saved you an hour and half of your life... your welcome....

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Re: I can save you time watching the debate...

Postby obsrvr524 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:18 pm

And be sure to ignore Hidin, Lyin Biden's refusal to answer extremely important questions - until AFTER you vote for him - vote in ignorance = DECEPTION.

During the debate I am confident that Hidin, Lyin Biden will continue to not answer such questions such as whether he is going to destroy US democracy entirely by packing the US Supreme Court, Defunding fracking, raising US taxes on EVERYONE, defund the police, continue to make background deals with Communist China and Ukraine Oligarchs, restarting the wars in the Middle East, and turning the US economy back over to Communist China.

Hidin, Lyin Biden has said that he will not BAN fracking. That is like saying that he will not DEFUND the police. What he means is that he will not ban, merely DEFUND fracking. And he will not defund police, merely REDIRECT FUNDS.

The man couldn't be more of a liar and crook even if he became Ms Pelosi or Hillary Clinton.

But don't dare ask him any questions - "just vote. I'll show you how I screwed you over afterward."

Kamala Harris is running for President, not Hidin, Lyin Biden.
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