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Postby Mr Reasonable » Wed Jul 01, 2020 3:08 am

Gloominary wrote:The left or establishment has created a new class of people, the sick.
The sick have less rights than the healthy.
They can be forcibly quarantined and treated.
And assuming everyone is sick until proven healthy, is every bit as insane as assuming everyone is guilty until proven innocent.
The potentially sick can be forcibly tested (and vaccinated).
And how they define the sick is absurd, since this virus, like most viruses, is ubiquitous and has little or nothing to do with health.
They've assumed this virus is lethal until proven nonlethal.
They refuse to examine the data proving it nonlethal.
This is not democracy, our fundamental rights and freedoms have been suspended, this is totalitarianism and we must resist.

Can you cite a source for this?
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