Mandatory Vaccination

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ILP, once a Covid-19 vaccination appears, should everyone be forced to get it?

Only if the worst case scenario transpires and it's been scientifically proven millions upon millions will die if we don't.
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Only if opinion polls demonstrate most people are in favor of it.
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Government shouldn't force anyone to get it, but it should forcibly quarantine anyone who hasn't had it in their homes until this whole thing clears up.
No way, never.
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Re: Mandatory Vaccination

Postby Karpel Tunnel » Sun May 31, 2020 9:59 am

This is an older video where RFK discusses the problems with vaccines. What I like about it is the section on what he calls 'Tobacco Science'. The Tobacco industry was able for decades to hold off all sorts of problems by creating science and suppressing science. There is a section in the video where RFK describes how very damning research (admitted in private by the CDC to be damning) was suppressed lied about and then 'lost' and replaced by Vaccine industry produced research.

IOW the people who think vaccines are in the main safe may very well be epistemologically sound thinkers when it comes to science, but confused thinkers when it comes to how big money can create 'science' and destroy science, just as the tobacco companies did for decades.

Perhaps some people will then go into RFK's website to see that in fact there are many things going on that they do not realize.

You can see a broader discussion of what has happened in science (where I orginally saw the RFK talk) in this video.... ...
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