The Strange Perception of Satan The Devil

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The Strange Perception of Satan The Devil

Postby phenomenal_graffiti » Sat May 23, 2020 6:54 am


In Pantheopsychic Christianity, there are two Satans, not one.

The bizarre idea that two Satans exist is comparable to the mythology of the Process of Perception, in which for every object perceived or viewed by a conscious being with a brain, there are in actuality two objects that exist that the subject (may) mistakenly believe is a single object. For example, when one observes a chair, there are in actuality two chairs the subject (in common Naive Realism) believes is a single chair: there is a chair that is a distal object, a consciousness-independent chair existing outside the brain and body in the external world and there is a second chair, the percept, a mental or experiential copy of the distal chair generated by the brain. The percept-chair is created by the brain and materially consists of the subject's first-person subjective experience, as the percept-chair appears only when the subject is present, appears in such a way that it takes the form only of how it appears to the subject, and disappears when the subject falls asleep, dies, or no longer attends to the chair. The second chair, the distal-chair, is not created by the brain as it is not composed of subjective experience and exists outside the subject's skull and body.


"Distal Satan" in Pantheopsychism is a Philosopher's Zombie formed by the dreaming consciousness-substance of Jesus Christ as he died upon the cross (or in Pantheopsychic Christianity, the infinite mind of God that is the actual nature of the external world in the form of the second personality of God, "The Crucified Man" non-lucidly dreams of being a Jewish prisoner executed on a cross that in turn dreams of the relevant beings and events that form the current world):

According to this argument, it is conceivable that there be a system that is physically identical to a conscious being, but that lacks at least some of that being’s conscious states. Such a system might be a zombie: a system that is physically identical to a conscious being but that lacks consciousness entirely. It might also be an invert, with some of the original being’s experiences replaced by different experiences, or a partial zombie, with some experiences absent, or a combination thereof.

These systems will look identical to a normal conscious being from the third-person perspective: in particular, their brain processes will be molecule-for-molecule identical with the original, and their behavior will be indistinguishable. But things will be different from the first-person point of view. What it is like to be an invert or a partial zombie will differ from what it is like to be the original being. And there is nothing it is like to be a zombie.

There is little reason to believe that zombies exist in the actual world. But many hold that they are at least conceivable: we can coherently imagine zombies, and there is no contradiction in the idea that reveals itself even on reflection. As an extension of the idea, many hold that the same goes for a zombie world: a universe physically identical to ours, but in which there is no consciousness. Something similar applies to inverts and other duplicates.

From the conceivability of zombies, proponents of the argument infer their metaphysical possibility. Zombies are probably not naturally possible: they probably cannot exist in our world, with its laws of nature. But the argument holds that zombies could have existed, perhaps in a very different sort of universe. For example, it is sometimes suggested that God could have created a zombie world, if he had so chosen.

David J. Chalmers, Consciousness And It's Place In Nature

In the Original Hell of Crucifixion, the Sacrificial Dream that is a non-lucid dream sustained by Christ during crucifixion, Satan merely "shows up" without explanation or origin and is the actor or generator of the pain experienced by Christ in the form of the dream-characters ("glamours")--- alternate persons and identities---randomly formed in the dreaming mind of Christ in the Sacrificial Dream.

I, Lucifer, am the extremely powerful Emperor, supreme and independent, free and absolute ruler of the subterranean kingdom, despotic lord over all my jurisdiction. I, the formidable, terrible, most noble, rule everything in the most regular fashion, moving and governing the fortunes and misfortunes of my subjects with absolute power, wise and sagacious, endowed with the most sublime and luminous character, am the dominator of Europe and of all misfortunes in general.
(emphasis mine)

-The Grand Grimoire, 1517

In Pantheopsychic Christianity, as a philosopher's zombie in the dreaming mind of crucified Christ Satan was, and functioned only as "the dominator of all misfortunes in general".

The Sacrificial Dream would have been eternal were it not for the heroism of the Lucid Dreamer. The eternity of the Sacrificial Dream requires that, if the Dream only contains a limited number of dream-characters (alter egos of Christ unanimously tormented philosophically, psychologically, and "physically" by Satan), these dream-characters and their experiences, even the experience of murder, would be repetitive and cyclic, in a randomly but continuously repeating loop continuing throughout all future time.



At an unknown, random point in time, the consciousness-substance making up the Infinite Dominant (the infinite mind of God) of the Crucified Man undergoes psychic mitosis in which the consciousness-substance (the God-substance) of the content of the Sacrificial Dream divides, fragments breaking away from the cyclic continuum of the original horror to form a sub-consciousness or sub-dimensional doppelganger dimension in the sub-conscious mind of crucified Christ. The eternal cycle of the original Sacrificial Dream would have existed in the sub-dimensional version of the Hell of Crucifixion were it not for the random formation and interference of the Lucid Dreamer, the third personality of the Judeo-Christian God that is the only version of God that is a sub-dimensional being within the mind of the second personality that functions as a homeostatic negative feedback loop whose job is to transform the infinite mind of the Crucified Man "back into" the infinite mind of the first personality of God, called the Impervious One.

A side-effect of the formation of a sub-conscious or sub-dimensional version of the original Sacrificial Dream or Hell of Crucifixion is the formation of a conscious, rather than zombie, Satan.

In Pantheopsychic Christianity the conscious Satan is the one that:

" the extremely powerful Emperor, supreme and independent, free and absolute ruler of the subterranean kingdom, despotic lord over all my jurisdiction. I, the formidable, terrible, most noble, rule everything in the most regular fashion, moving and governing the fortunes and misfortunes of my subjects with absolute power, wise and sagacious, endowed with the most sublime and luminous character, am the dominator of Europe and of all misfortunes in general."

And the conscious version of Satan yields the sub-personalities in terms of the various forms of humans, insects, and animals that cause mental and "physical" pain to other conscious beings within the overarching mental container of the non-lucidly dreaming mind of crucified Christ, whose mental substance utilized in the form of non-lucid dreaming continually supports the existence of Zombie and Conscious Satan, Zombie and Conscious Glamours of Christ and, it turns out, Zombie and Conscious Glamours of Satan.


The original Hell of Crucifixion as not-experienced by zombie Satan, in the perception of the very conscious Christ who is the only conscious being in the original Hell is a continuous cycle or loop of disjointed, randomly appearing and disappearing "scenes" of philosophical demoralization, psychological stress, inadequacies, and "physical" violence ending in outrageous murder that repeats, over and over, in the non-lucidly dreaming mind of the Crucified Man. The scenes are random and either have no precipitating context leading up to and following the appearance of negative experience (such as Christ dreaming of being a woman driving her child to a restaurant for a nice, quiet dinner with friends, only to have the friends and other patrons of the restaurant forcibly restrain then slowly behead the woman and her child with deafening death metal blaring overhead), or scenes involve precipitating context leading up to the outrageous negative emotion(s).

In the original Hell, murders are not permanent, but repetitive, with the dream-characters of Christ (i.e. Christ himself in the form of these persons) repeatedly experience a nigh-infinite number and type of murders committed by zombie-Satan over and over, forever---or what would have been forever if not for the interference of the Lucid Dreamer).

Only....Conscious Satan possesses an "asphasia" or cognitive distortion in which he believes the Revised Hell of Crucifixion, a "watered down" version of the original Hell of Crucifixion is the original Hell, and as such believes that Christ suffers over and over forever and ever in the form of the dream-characters randomly created by his non-lucidly dreaming mind--when in actuality due to the actions of the Lucid Dreamer there are sub-dimensional doppelgangers of the original dream-characters of crucified Christ that are secretly rescued by the Lucid Dreamer from the Revised, sub-dimensional Hell of Crucifixion through death. That is, the Lucid Dreamer secretly removes humans from the Revised Hell of Crucifixion through death, and this has an ancillary effect of deleting the original dream-character in the original Hell of Crucifixion from the mind of Christ).

It may be, therefore, in light of this "asphasia" that Conscious Satan is unaware of the existence of the Lucid Dreamer, or he is aware of the Lucid Dreamer but experiences the Lucid Dreamer only in disturbing visions of what the Dreamer is doing, that (in the vision) undermines his efforts and demonstrates an alternate reality that opposes what Satan believes to be the true nature of reality (the continuous, eternal torment and repetitive murder of Jesus Christ). This "alternate reality" (that Satan continually repeats to himself that it is "unreal") threatens to falsify his view of reality (as it "threatens" to be the actual truth of what's going on behind his perception of reality induces a "doubling down" of belief in the (as it turns out if Pantheopsychic Christianity is true) false reality of the continuance the Eternal Loop of Horror, the repetitive murder and psychological torment and demoralization of an eternally suffering crucified Christ.

Moreover, it is theorized that Conscious Satan doesn't believe that God is an overarching consciousness responsible for his existence (save, perhaps, in the common belief of a separately existing, non-overarching God that historically created (rather than continuously creates) him as a nigh-perfect angel harboring hidden arrogance, jealousy, and psychopathy, that later rebelled and was cast out of Heaven).

Conscious Satan therefore has (or believes he possesses) an objective history in which he begins existence as the nigh-perfect Lucifer inciting revolution in Heaven for the purpose of dethroning God and taking over as Ruler of Existence; exiled upon Earth following revolutionary defeat; the temptation and ruination of Adam and Eve and the human race as revenge for revolutionary defeat; the establishment of an earthly government and social order dominating humans and fellow fallen angels alike, and the continuous torment and murder of Christ enjoyed betwixt the boring distractions of government and order. It is believed that he believes this world of earthly government and continuous torment and murder of Christ does not exist within the mind of an overarching God-mind or consciousness, but exists in a "real world" in much the same way that most believe they experience a "real world" that is an objective reality outside the mind as opposed to an artificial or constructed world existing only within the mind of persons and/or an overarching Person.


The Lucid Dreamer rescues human beings from the Revised, sub-dimensional Hell of Crucifixion while secretly ablating the repetitively suffering dream-identities of crucified Christ in the original Hell of Crucifixion, with this happening outside the "contrived video loop" of the asphasia of Satan (who believes there is no ablation of dream-identities and that, if he believed in the existence of sub-dimensional humans within an overarching, suffering Christ consciousness, the ones that are not glamours of Satan are human consciousnesses doomed to eternally suffer the deaths of the Crucified Man).

The Lucid Dreamer's secret rescuing of humans from the control and jurisdiction of Satan through the exit door of Death is comparable to the fictional rescuing of hostages aboard the bomb-rigged bus doomed for explosive destruction "behind the back" of the psychopathic bomb-expert (played with inspiration by the late Dennis Hopper) in the film Speed. The bomb-expert is fooled by a repeating video loop of his victims driving/riding the doomed bus to their deaths, never realizing the video loop is an illusion created by police techs hiding a reality in which the hostages are extracted, one by one, from the bus:

In the same way the hostages are extracted from the dangerous bus, the Lucid Dreamer extracts humans from the Revised Hell of Crucifixion through death, resulting in a fortuitous ancillary effect in which the dream-counterpart of the extracted human in the Original Hell of Crucifixion also disappears, never to be experienced again by crucified Christ. Akin to Dennis Hopper's psychopathic ex-cop bomb-expert, Satan perceives a "repeating video loop" in which he believes the Crucified Man continues to objectively suffer, or if Satan accepts the content of Pantheopsychism, the infinite mind in the form of the Crucified Man forever remains the Crucified Man and will continue to eternally suffer and eternally repeat the content of the Sacrificial Dream, an eternity over which Conscious Satan presides with brief distraction from the suffering of Christ to attend to duties of government, social regulation, and periodic reward of his glamours and fallen angelic subordinates.

He either does not believe the Lucid Dreamer exists (or exists only as a disturbing fiction which he continually dismisses as he believes his version of reality exists), or he includes the Lucid Dreamer in his world-belief as an incompetent God that continually fails to prevent/alleviate the repetitive suffering of the Crucified Man.


(Author's Note: The content of the above is planned to appear as a detailed illustrated "blog" or "comic" entitled: God Of This World that shall be applied to my Academia website with a link posted in ILP for access to the comic, which is the second to last chapter of my ongoing dissertation: The Most Logical Form of Judeo-Christianity)

Q: What lies beyond the "Matrix" that is consciousness?

A: The conscious and unconscious mind of God.


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