The living spirit

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The living spirit

Postby Amorphos » Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:42 am

The real living spirit

0 = Cuagant; the divine infinite
1 = masculine, light.
2 = feminine, colour.

These are not otherworldly things alone, they are right here with us in every living moment. We experience light and emptiness/infinity just as we experience colour [qualia]. These things are not physical, the physical has no light colour nor sound and emotion. All these things are experiential but equally they are not of the perceiver!

Thought i'd start with the simple basics...

The truth is naked,
Once it is written it is lost.
Genius is the result of the entire product of man.
The cosmic insignificance of humanity, shows the cosmic insignificance of a universe without humanity.
the fully painted picture, reveals an empty canvas
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