Dysgenics: IQ and Regression

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Dysgenics: IQ and Regression

Postby Banshii » Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:34 am


I've described specialization, as it appears in modern systems as a form of socialized autism.
It is also known by other terms denoting a social dysfunction: nerd, geek.

Essentially, I imply that focused intelligence has become a necessity, given the complexity of different fields of study.
This focus comes at a price.
The mind can be exceptional within one context, one field of human interest, and be, simultaneously, completely inept, or wanting, in all other areas.
We might describe this socialized autism as a byproduct of modern life, producing idiot savants.

If we combine Dysgenics with Socialized Autism we might begin to understand how intelligence can be declining while most of us would consider it on the rise.
Declining IQ's, focused obsessively will appear as genius in the particular area of interest.
We can be surrounded by geniuses, idiot savants, who, at the same time, lack the Daemonion of the ancient Greeks.

If we explore the reasons for Dysgenics, beyond Lynn's analysis, such as sheltering, reproductive rights, a shaming of judging and discrimination, technologies compensating or substituting human efforts, and we combine it with the modern day need to achieve within demanding fields, we might begin to understand what is happening.

When discrimination has become "immoral", monogamy forced due to cultural and socioeconomic conventions, then the "intelligent female" who might have chosen differently, is infected by a mimetic standard, a virus, an ideal, that warps her judgments, or forces her to make compromises, sometimes conflicting with her genetic predispositions.

I've described this elsewhere as the adaptation of the feminine role to modern utilities.
The female's genetic filtering role can now be appropriated and adapted to serve as a mimetic filtering mechanism.
This is where the feminine "mystique" stems from: this contradiction between words, ideals, and actions - a conflict between gene and meme where the meme is nihilistic.
The conflict is dealt with by a form of self-hypnosis: compartmentalization, selective reasoning...a schism of the psyche (schizophrenia).

This is how Paternlaism resulted in its own demise.Technologies/Techniques, ideas being techniques, used in male competition for dominance eventually result in this decadence, this utility as a compensation for a weakness.
A strength wanting to remain on-top seeds the circumstances of its own future atrophy.
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