philosophical ego

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philosophical ego

Postby Orbie » Wed May 07, 2014 7:09 pm

One of the first things i learned about philosophy, is that Everyman is a philosopher. Some taxi drivers offer great philosophy, and there are geniuses among them. The implication is, hidden in the advice to leave ones's ego at the door, before entering. But the question is somewhat an anomaly, with the very nature of inquiry. Does not philosophy entail primary existential survival issues of being able to get on in the world? Is not ego the driving force behind the erecting defenses to protect one's own domain against unwanted intruders?

Is not the philosophical ego shrouded in a somewhat veiled subtle denial of revelation in philosophical code/language, under the pretext of misunderstanding, that, which could probably be easier transmitted for general understanding?

Is this an attempt at a legitimization of an archaic language, which only the common sense positivists were able to shed light on?

Finally, is positivism a conclusive solution, wrapping up and eliminating the philosophical ego, in favor of a religious existential leap Kierkegaard so acutely envisioned?

Is there a connection between positivism and existentialism here? Does this mean, the abdication of primary ontological defenses in favor of assumedly realized higher functional conclusions about the unattainability of singular realizations toward the defense of existential concerns, leaning more toward a fateful acceptance of powers beyond control? Are weapons of mass destruction the signs and symptoms of this abdication of the will?
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