computer consciousness

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computer consciousness

Postby ayelet1000 » Sun May 04, 2014 10:15 pm

I'm looking to read an article for one of my courses, to give in a short review of what it consist.
the idea i had was after seeing the TV show "Black Mirror", the episode "Be right back". where in that episode a wife losses her husband and to deal with the lost she calls a company which manages to duplicate via electronic media that her husband used, communication with the wife.
it starts with emails and phone calls, and then ends up with a robot who imitates her husbands behaviour, the question that arises is what amount of consciousness does that robot posses and till what extent.

i am looking for an article talking about that subject, where does the line go to different computers from humans, duplicate computers to act the same way a human would to that extent, and at what point will the computers not? be able to reach to the human way.

I've tied finding something on that subject, but didn't manage finding an academic article that is ob that, more the type of chines room problem..

do you know of something that can be relevant,
or better places/keywords i should use to find what I'm searching?


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