death of Socrates

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death of Socrates

Postby silver » Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:34 am

How would the pursuit of philosophy lead to such difficulties in society?

Why did they kill Socrates? ( ive come up with a few but id like to get some other opinions)

We all know the myth of the cave right?.. we know they killed 'the escapee' because he threatened their concept of reality ( the shadows)
But why else?? why was Socrates persecuted?

Also i wonder how many people know of Hypatia and her story and why she was killed.
was it because she was a woman or something more?
how are Socrates’ and Hypatias deaths related?

Any insight is welcomed…ANY (magius, you seem to have an excellent understanding of philosophical issues, then again so do most people on this forum so like I said ANY comments or ideas from anyone are welcomed )
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Postby Magius » Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:54 am

:oops: Unfortunately, to my recollection I know nothing of Hypatias. Socrates on the other hand I think I can help with. Aside from the usual things he was charged with, ie. Being a sophist, not believing in God, creating false God's, and of poisoning young childrens minds, the real reason Socrates was charged, found guilty, and chose his punishment to be death; is because he questioned those who had high positions within the Athenian society at the time. His system for questioning left the others, inadvertantly, feeling like they were dumb. I forget all the fancy words for these charges that I learned in philosophy class a long time ago, but the concepts keep adamant in my mind. Anyway, Socrates chose his punishment to be poisoning by hemlock because all those in court except his friends wanted him dead, he could have chosen exile, but he realized that no matter where he goes the same will happen there, since he doesn't want to change his ways, he wants to continue questioning until he finds truths (too bad he didn't know Descartes at this time), it is controversial - but some say he wanted to die; he was old, loved Athens and wished to go nowhere and since his own kind didn't want him he decided to die and be with the Greek Gods where he could question them until the end of time since all Socrates wanted to do was question everyone about everything.
Socrates' friends even attempted to bail him out of jail but Socrates would not go. I suggest reading 'The Apology', it's a great read.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is in it right at the end..."I go to die, you stay to live; which is better, only God knows"

I hope I helped...
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Postby silver » Thu Oct 17, 2002 7:27 pm

thanks magius!
but i think im going to forget this topic, ive desided to focus on a few other things for the time being...

thanks again :wink:
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