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Re: A Discussion of Moderation

Postby Otto » Sun Jun 20, 2021 12:27 am

MagsJ wrote:
Otto wrote:Angles and Saxons are or - let's say - were separate people. They became one people, more or less, yes, because if someone tried to separate them again today, it would be pretty difficult, I guess.

By the way, the name "England" contains the word "Angles". You certainly know that.

I do indeed.. the Angles had a massive influence on the integral structure and infrastructure of Great Britain, with whole swathes and/or parts of the country being named after them.. including TV and radio broadcasting networks, a Religion.. tho I’m RC, and then you have angles.. geometry, and angling.. fishing, amongst (so many) other concepts and objects.

I am not so learn-ed on all things Saxon I’m afraid, as my European lineages descend from the Angles.. tho I have visited ancient and medieval Saxon towns, villages, and churches etc. in England. My mother’s maiden-name actually means English, but I only found that out last year, when I was researching the more in-depth origins of my ancestry.

And because I don't want to drift from the topic of this thread: An Anglo-Saxon as moderator would certainly be a good solution for ILP. :)

Are you implying your interest.. along with that notion? a calm and objective demeanour would certainly be a prerequisite for the post.

No, I decline an ILP moderation with thanks. :D
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Re: A Discussion of Moderation

Postby encode_decode » Mon Jun 21, 2021 1:13 am


Otto wrote:No, I decline an ILP moderation with thanks. :D

I believe you are a good man, Otto.

I will build a nerdlike structure in 2021
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