Does Yahweh/Jesus live by the Golden Rule?

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Does Yahweh/Jesus live by the Golden Rule?

Postby Greatest I am » Wed Apr 22, 2020 1:46 pm

Does Yahweh/Jesus live by the Golden Rule?

Most Christians seem to think so as they say that Yahweh/Jesus can do no evil.

We could look at all the commandments and laws but that might have us taking off in too many directions so I thought the Golden Rule might be a good starting point as it encompasses many of the commandments.

Most, I hope, start their moral thinking by some variant of the Golden Rule, a reciprocity rule, so I think we can all relate to some degree in judging Yahweh/Jesus.

Christians are told in scriptures to judge all things. Most Christians have judged Yahweh/Jesus and I wondered if others had as well.

Be you a Christian or not, could I have your overall thoughts and judgement of Yahweh/Jesus based on if you see him living by the Golden Rule?

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