The God who calls things that are though they were

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The God who calls things that are though they were

Postby phenomenal_graffiti » Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:37 am

'The God who
gives life to the dead...
and calls things that are not
as though they were

-Romans 4:17


"Thing that are not"=things that do not truly exist as things unto themselves, i.e. things that can only exist when and if they are "made up" in the mind of God, that are composed of God's substance and sustained by his continued imagination/dreaming of the subject.

"As though they were"=as if that which is only a figment of God's imagination were something other than a character God imagines or dreams, akin to the manner in which a fiction writer suspends disbelief and entertains the notion that his or her characters are real people.

Acts 17:28-"As your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring'".

Taking things out of Paul's intended context following verse 28, we are God's offspring in that, in the same way man created idols according to one's artistic design and skill, we exist through God's 'design and skill' in terms of his artistic creativity in forming one's particular, specific person out of the sea of any other person that could or might have existed in one's place, whether he accidentally accomplished this through non-lucid dreaming, or deliberately through lucidly dreaming manipulation or wakeful imagination.


If Pantheopsychism exists and Pantheopsychic Christianity is true, everything is just God's lucidly dreaming mind striving for control over the content of his non-lucidly dreaming mind to extinguish NLD content and replace it, eternally, with FA (fully awake) content.

"Lets just say, God moves too slowly"

-Magneto, X-Men (film)

God has all the time in the world to achieve this, as well as to imagine/dream each individual person and their experiences "being eternal and all", thus having all the time in the world to do whatever he wants (or doesn't want in non-lucid dreaming) without deadline or schedule. Sub-dimensional consciousness takes the place of the brain in establishing the multiplicity and simultaneity of different consciousnesses dwelling in the mind of God, in a "Last Thursday-ism" or Einstein-ian non-linear time perception in which we are actually living in the mind of Jesus Christ as he is being crucified in the past, but erroneously believe we exist outside Christ's mind in a post-crucifixion present.

The non-lucidly dreaming mind of crucified Christ helplessly produces the 'perishable that is raised imperishable'; the 'dishonor that is raised in glory'; the 'weakness that is raised in power' (1 Corinthians 15:42-43).

You see, aside from that aspect of God's mind and the God-substance that forms Satan and the Wicked (if Annihilism rather than Universalism is true), as the song states life is but a dream: we, in this current dishonored form are but fantasies from which God shall awake, despising our current, sinful forms and the things that were done or that happened in these forms as fantasies of crucified Christ (Psalm 73:20).

We, being ultimately 'things that are not' that are considered 'as though they were' (though in reality, we are figments of Gods imagination composed of his consciousness that we believe is 'our' consciousness), God through this suspension of disbelief continually 'gives life to the dead' by continually imaging an individual in whom he previously granted the good-afterlife-ensuring 'faith in Jesus' (Romans 3:21-26) in the mind of not the crucified, but in resurrected Christ.

When a person having faith in Jesus dies by any means (murder, car accident, animal attack, cancer, COVID-19, whatever...) that person is taken away from the non-lucid narrative of crucified Christ (in which one sub-dimensionally re-enacted Christ dying by car accident, animal attack, murder, etc.) and "uploaded" to the imagination of resurrected Christ, who sustains rather than abandons the character in formation of a new, unimaginable life having nothing to do with the old dangers, jeopardies, disappointments and failures suffered within the crucified mind.
Q: What lies beyond the "Matrix" that is consciousness?

A: The conscious and unconscious mind of God.


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