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Convicted Jihadi: “Critiques of Islam Are More Truthful Than

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:38 am
by Prismatic567
Convicted Jihadi: “Critiques of Islam Are More Truthful Than Most Islamic Speakers”

A man has been convicted of planning a terror attack at London tourist hotspots, just over a year after he was cleared of attacking police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace.
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 28, from Luton, spoke about targeting attractions including Madame Tussauds, the gay Pride parade and a tourist bus.

Here are some further details on the case;

He admitted in court that he had not always been a practising Muslim and felt that if he had died in the 2017 Buckingham Palace attack “I would be cleared of my guilty conscience, I would be sinless”.

    He told the jury that he started looking at anti-Islam sources after gorging on jihadi propaganda including Isis videos and speeches by al-Qaeda linked ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki.
    “I learned enough about jihad,” Chowdhury said. “I felt like I should learn the other side of it [the critiques of Islam], you know?”

On Tommy Robinsion

    His sister, Sneha Chowdhury, told police her brother bought the “signed collectors’ edition” of Robinson’s book online for £39.95 but did not explain why.

    When questioned on the purchase in court, Chowdhury claimed that the English Defence League (EDL) founder “understands jihadi doctrine”.

On Robert Spencer

    He described “learning” from the Jihad Watch website, and called director Robert Spencer an “American scholar”, adding: “I thought it was very interesting.”

    The conspiracy blog claims Muslims are trying to “destroy western societies and impose Islamic law”, and seeks to prove that violent jihad is mandated by the Quran.

On David Wood

    He also relied on videos by a Christian preacher who claimed to “explain jihad” and vehicle attacks by presenting Islam as inherently violent.

    Chowdhury described American David Wood as a “hardcore enemy of Allah” to undercover police but added: “He does a better job of explaining Islam than most speakers in the west.”

    He repeatedly shared Mr Wood’s videos with the officers, instructing them to watch them and describing the passage on vehicle attacks as a “really good breakdown of options”.

    n Telegram chats, Chowdhury claimed that despite mocking Islam, Mr Wood was “more truthful than the majority of Islamic speakers”.

    He told the jury that he found the videos while “looking for the truth” of religious doctrine, adding: “Mr Wood uses the references and proves this is the truth about Islam … it’s taboo, it’s like forbidden knowledge.”

The irony is those who tell the truth of the evil ideology of Islam are condemned by the majority of those who are ignorant of the inherent ethos of Islam.

While the majority are like ostriches regarding the truth of the evil ethos from ideology of Islam, the reality is this truth of Islam is held with divine respect by a significant % of Muslims.
My best guess is more than 20% support the real truth of Islam, i.e. the inherent evil ethos and that is 300 million evil prone Muslims. :shock: :shock:

This is why there are the real consequences of terrible evil and violent acts committed by the evil prone Muslims as inspired by the true ideology of Islam.

Humanity must realize this ignorance and take preventive step to curtail the realization of the evil ethos of Islam on non-believers and others.

Re: Convicted Jihadi: “Critiques of Islam Are More Truthful

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:41 am
by MagsJ
If I attacked police officers with a sword, I’m pretty sure I’d be doing some prison time..

A British woman was sentenced to two years, for being very drunk and disorderly on a passenger flight to Turkey, and has said how embarrassed and disappointed she was in herself at her outburst and threatening language after mixing alcohol with medication.. she was subsequently removed from the flight.