Jesus of Barbarous was born correctly

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Jesus of Barbarous was born correctly

Postby Fixed Cross » Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:51 pm

Opal wrote:My husband read Jesus the Man. Written by Barbara Thiering, a studier of the Scrolls. He was talking about the proper way in which people were to be born. More importantly how the people of the religions were born. Not of love, but of timing. The proper conception time was winter solstice. Jesus of Nazereth, was not. Jesus of Barbarous was born correctly. He is the supposed thief, that was crucified with the Nazerene. He was called the Spiritual Jesus, as opposed to the military Nazerene.

blacksun? wrote:Yo y- you WHAT?


that is -such an outlandish thing I am compelled to take it seriously.

So then, yeah its true, the most intimate moment for conception is definitely the winter solstice. And what could be more encouraging than an autumn birth, a Childe to get through the winter in pure joy of gratitude.

And of course the most lustful conceptions are around the Spring Equinox.
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