Refute this idea of truth please

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Re: Refute this idea of truth please

Postby Anomaly654 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:55 pm

Fixed Cross wrote:Our difference reduced to basics within shared terms; (as I see it)

both hold value as ground

you stipulate a particular value as being the ground to the argument
I take the valuing decision as the ground.

Would I be correct to interpret the above thusly:
Where Anomaly holds truth as the only absolute in reality and thus the ultimate value, Fixed Cross holds the value determined by each individual to be the ultimate value (necessarily non-absolute?)??

So Id take the choice of truth and untruth as fundamental to both truth and untruth.

Without untruth there is no suspension (of immediate non contradictory truth)
Without suspension there is no world.

Truth becomes itself by "unfathomable ways".

I think you're saying truth and falsity are necessary to "propel" or "fuel" existence [my interpretation of your meaning]. maybe those ways truth becomes itself (or becomes one?) is unfathomable is because intellects are fragmentally falsified things. Fragmental falsification creates the 'gray areas' of unknowing or of incompleteness of knowledge. Example: newsprint used to create grayscale by placement of black dots on white paper. [archaic technology] The black dots obscure the complete whiteness of the paper. The whiteness is truth, the black dots, falsity. If the black dots can be gotten rid of, the paper can exist free of falsity's imposition; falsity is thus a disease.
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