The Dial

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The Dial

Postby Amorphos » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:03 pm

hello again

The dial
So I got this dial, its just a metaphor, but what it means is not a metaphor. Consider it to be as like gnosis compared to knowledge; man come tell you his loved one has died, you then have the informational knowledge of that. It happens to you, and now you know what it means [gnosis].

So I plug my dial into time, turn it to the rate of current progress ~ whatever that means, and I observe that that rate manifests nature and the elements in the respective formats [relative to that rate]. thing is, even though there appears to be nothing to determine what the rate of progress is, or what ‘now’ incurs, we know that heat is agitation. If you make particles more agitated they will get hotter, and so you cannot turn the rate of time’s progression up, the same way as relativistic time bends across all-time.

The box
There exists and empty box with no sides, and all the particles in the universe jump into the box, and then jump back out of the box. The progression is the manifest ‘direction’ of succession [the jump happening over, and over].

So you have relativistic time on the dial, and also a manifest rate of change on a different dial coming off at a tangent from the jump. We could turn the relativity dial until become fluid; if we visualise a slab of jade [or google it], one can note how it looks like something fluid has been frozen in time. So now turn that dial as far as the speed of the fastest things and keep turning. What do we get ~ an empty box.

Turn the rate of manifest time full round, and watch time make things go brown, then black ~ like burning, until the whole thing goes nuclear and beyond ..? I’d imagine that we’d also end up with an empty box.

Same thing with perspective of course, if you get to more views than there are photons in a scene, then light would disappear and so the fully painted picture reveals the empty canvas. …an empty box again.

Thing is; all the time we have been doing all this with nature and reality ~ turning it into and empty box with no sides. This sounds familiar to my ‘cosmic blender theory’ whereby if you blend the whole of reality into one, you end up with an emptiness.

Conclusioni per sapientiam. Something which is everything must include everything. The highest form of manifest existence, is at least human, and the highest form of being the oneness is also at least human. Is God.

ps, if anyone can suggest something higher_? my feelings are that God is as real as the physicality he manifests, both he and it are the same: natura est.

The truth is naked,
Once it is written it is lost.
Genius is the result of the entire product of man.
The cosmic insignificance of humanity, shows the cosmic insignificance of a universe without humanity.
the fully painted picture, reveals an empty canvas
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