My latest ponderings

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My latest ponderings

Postby Ecmandu » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:24 pm


Reducing the sexual stratification of number of partners in hundreds of millions of intentional communities is the most important topic to make this species peaceful.

The reason is simple. It requires better communication in a way that we can tangibly and demonstrably feel better about ourselves.

Because this emergence or these teachings (however you want to look at it) didn't occur, we are using something that we almost universally experience as a species in an abusive and taboo way.

I am not Judaic, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Daoist, and of these - because we don't belong to each other, we are not each others property. Some beings have more power in certain contexts, and that power can be used lovingly or abusive. Either these ideas are about "THE BEING" owning all of us, or they didn't state the sexual stratification problem and solution. They are religions of slavery and perpetual delighted WAR!!

The "Buddha" supposedly tried to get everyone together on some commonality, which is "suffering" and how to eradicate it. I will give you true clarity. The 4th noble truth is a lie. If people had the entire palette of emotions to choose from, they would feel like something is missing, if they didn't add a bit of suffering. That's true for everyone. The things people don't want is torment and agony, but a smudge of suffering --- they do want.

Christ, being born a virgin, shamed all non virgin births, you know, the way the rest of us have children!! WE are all Taboo!!!! Buddhism does the same thing, by saying higher beings don't have sex, it makes us shamed to be sexual beings, and it shames basic procreation.

I am not Jewish because the Jews are OWNED by "God", MY chosen people, think deeply on the word "MY"!! Even Jesus states "render unto Caeser what is his and Render unto God what is Gods"

Hinduism states that God owns EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, and that you should bow as subservient property when you encounter GOD!!

I re-iterate …. we are not each others property. None of these traditions taught that if you build a world full of intentional communities to reduce sexual stratification in a way that offends neither men or women (One gender is not the dominant - ordering the other around) that we'd be using better communication for better outcomes in a demonstrable and tangible way, and from that interconnected better communication, would also be facilitating better outcomes globally in terms of conflict and pollution/degradation.

Had the species been taught at the outset, or emerged this way, none of us would have been born, because all the sex would have been different. We are the children of war and neglect, and we are faced with the paradox of finding gratitude and love for us in this context.

This is the deep wound. The fact that it wasn't taught, is also your freedom.

So let's move to omnibenevolence.

An omnibenevolent super being would assure that this is remedied. The only way to truly solve the stratifications is to have a class of beings (maybe an infinite number of them) in a healthy ecosystem, who enjoy serving us in an unstratified way. I give the analogy of the gardener. One gardener loves it so much that it not only not feels like work, they are invigorated when they are done!! The other gardener, hates every second of doing the same job, and feels drained when they are done. Omnibenevolence and omnipotence CAN place each of us in our own world, and be the happy gardener. It doesn't have to go that high, there can simply be a different class of being that does this for us, like we regularly to for pets, like cats and dogs and birds and iguanas etc… where we use our power in context over them with love instead of abuse, beings, by the way, that we don't own. This being can take on any body and any personality, to give us the modification that gives us the best possible experience without hurting them or others. Meat eaters can delight in knowing that every animal in the world actually feels pleasure being killed as distinct beings, and goes to a better place after, because all these super-beings are incarnated to not have us cause harm with our non-harm, joy, desires. If you believe in anything resembling karma, this gives good karma to every being, forever and ever.
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