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RM: Trimurti

Postby James S Saint » Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:45 pm

Rational Metaphysics
An ontology is an understanding of existence and is built upon predefined concepts proposed to be useful in the long run. Many varied ontologies can be built and be useful but can only be valued as true if they conform to the following stipulations;

    A) Consistent within the ontology
    B) Comprehensive in including details
    C) Relevant to the needs at hand

The word "science" means "the knowing". Rational Metaphysics is a method involving Definitional Logic, Scientific Methodology, and Resolution Debating (Orderly, step by step Philosophizing) for constructing ontologies that are necessarily true and empirically and logically verified. One essential definition for any ontology is its definition for existence itself. Objects and principles are then defined such as to build a complete coherent understanding, an "ontology".

Five familiar proposed ontologies begin with the following ontological elements;

Hindu Trimurti
1) Brahma – Creator, cause of existence
2) Shiva – Transformer, cause of change
3) Vishnu – Maintainer, cause of preservation

Christian Holy Trinity
1) God the Father – Creator, first principle underlying existence
2) Holy Spirit – Flow, the changing
3) Son of God – Savior, love

I Ching
1) No explanation for Cause of Existence
2) The Changing
3) The Fixed

Quantum Physics
1) Quantum Possibility
2) Informational State Vector, Bra-Ket – cause of change
3) Lack of Information – cause of stability

Affectance Ontology
1) Logical Necessity - Lack of Logical Alternatives, A is A
2) Potential to Affect, PtA – Cause of affecting, cause of changing
3) Anentropic Process – Cause of stability, Inertia

Those are what could be called the fundamental elements which lead to the far more numerous horde of detailed entities; gods, angels, spirits, formations, fields, objects, thoughts,….

Although two of those use mathematics, only one is totally logically and mathematically comprehensive. Only one qualifies as a completed "Unified Field Theory" and also a "Grand Unified Theory" and is scientifically and rationally provable. But all of them are expressing the same things;

1) Cause of all things
2) Cause of things changing (the "irresistible force")
3) Cause of things not changing (the "immutable object").
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