What is God? Hint: Everything but what you think.

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What is God? Hint: Everything but what you think.

Postby HatingMeIsEasier » Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:43 am

As someone who is aware of what faith and belief exist for - outside of the excuses people make up to defend them with - I can already predict that anybody who thinks they know god will come in here to throw a huge fit when I say: "god is the ego".

Yes, god is the ego. Pay attention to how someone talks to themselves, thinking they are speaking to somebody else. Now apply that to how children speak to themselves, thinking the stuffed animal is talking back. The voice is internal, not external. But people can't tell the difference between imagination and reality at times.

Now, the question is, why do we treat this "god/ego" the way we do?

People defend the god/ego in the same exact way. When you take away someone's belief, you're taking away that child's talking stuffed animal despite the fact that the voice is on the inside.

You should know as well as I do that people have strange bonding intentions with inanimate objects. People talk to themselves, to objects or to their pets based on some subconscious mechanism for self-reflection, however people get so caught up in the illusion it's more than a natural mechanism, they really believe they are special in that they are speaking to a higher power.

It's when arrogance consumes a person which creates this defense mechanism wherein people will not let go of the fact that the voice is inside them, not in a god or a stuffed animal. That's when the person becomes hateful because they're fearful.

People become animals backed up in a corner when they lose their composure. The best advice here I can give is to live life like this world lives with lightning. Keep your nitrogen intake on high levels for good composure expectancy. Laughter has a unique chemistry with nitrogen, so laugh like the Universe laughs with lightning, to keep our composure hard and steady. Always remember that comedians speak more truth than politicians.

Now that being said, can you see it now? Your "god" is a personal illusion based on your lack of understanding of your subconscious mechanisms like self-reflection. This also leads to paranoia, delusions and hallucinations. All this time you have been pushing away people for your belief over an illusion based on psychical establishments of the mind under natural conditions. That is why your "god" has the same beliefs as you do and looks the way you want them to. You created this imaginary friend, because you forgot the power of knowing yourself. You complicated your existential crisis, by creating an illusion that tells you who you are for you via a subconscious voice that everyone has. Not only is the image of this voice different for everyone, but people hear the voice differently as well, hence why some say god is a female, not a male.

Interesting facts to consider.

"God" was never an actual being or creature. "God" was a concept to express the "good" of our brain. "God" was another way of saying "the good voice". Take away one "o" from "Good", and you get "God".

"Devil" was never an actual being or creature. "Devil" was a concept to express the "evil" of our brain. "Devil" was another way of saying "the evil voice". Add the "D'" to "Evil", and you get "Devil".

The D comes from "Do".

The O comes from "Do".

It's all about "doing good" and "doing evil".

Do you understand it now? It's all an illusion based on lies and misunderstandings of what "god" and the "devil" really is. In the end, we are both "god" and the "devil", based entirely on what we do with ourselves in terms of action. Good people can do bad things. Bad people can do good things. It's all in the brain's perception. You see good, you do good. You see bad, you do bad. You do good, you feel good. You do bad, you feel bad. You can do a good thing, but others will see it as a bad thing. You do a bad thing, but others will see it as a good thing. The teacher you want in your life is not people - the Universe is your teacher. Consequences, laws of physics, pain, regression and all sorts of red flags for degeneracy are all there for you to see your ugly and turn it into beauty.

The positively charged atom is the "god".

The negatively charged atom is the "devil".

Summer is the "god".

Winter is the "devil".
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