Adam and Eve could not love God or each other before eating

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Adam and Eve could not love God or each other before eating

Postby Greatest I am » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:41 pm

Adam and Eve could not love God or each other before eating of the Tree of Knowledge.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good, Evil is the tree of love. Would you abstain from eating of it and lose Love?

Adam and Eve, mythical representatives of you and I, could not love without eating of the tree of knowledge. It holds the knowledge of love as love has good and evil components.

Love, as we all know is quite good. Like most concepts though, it has some evil to it as well as the good. Adam and Eve were thus ignorant of what love was because it has good and evil aspects. Unfortunately, part of being in ignorant bliss of evil, is having to suffer not knowing the beauty of love.

You may have noted that God gets angry when his commands are broken. Genesis 3 is clear in this. God did not get angry at A & E in Genesis 1 where they ignored his command to reproduce because God knew that for man, it is desirable to have love as a prerequisite to sex. God forgave this first disobedience because Adam and Eve were still innocent and did not know they were naked. God thus takes sex out of the lower animal dimension and elevates it in our minds for social reasons.

Wanting Adam and Eve to know love, God drew Satan to Eden to minister to his needs and make sure that Eve ate of the Tree of knowledge/love. She did as bid and the rest as they say is mythical biblical history.

If God attaches sex and love and knows that knowledge of good and evil are required to find or recognize love, then to think that he would want to deny mankind the knowledge of love, with it’s good and evil components, is ridiculous. Sex and reproduction would also fly out the window.

So why do you Christians think God would deny you love, though Adam and Eve that is?

Christians say that Eden was a fall for man yet God said we became as Gods. I see it as being able to love, --- at last.
My bible tells me to emulate God just as yours does yet Christians find fault in becoming as Gods.

Are Christians afraid to love? Is that why they have made an idol of the word and call their God --- Love?

If in Eden, and knowing as you do now, that to know love you have to disobey God, and have to know good and evil, --- would you disobey and eat of the tree of knowledge/love, --- knowing that you could not love if you did not?

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