One Doesn't Have To Look Very Far...

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One Doesn't Have To Look Very Far...

Postby idioticidioms » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:24 pm

Whether you believe in God or not or any incarnation of the written word of God or not, it's hard to deny that religious prophecies are coming true, if you keep your ear to the ground and pay attention both on a world scale and a personal individual-by-individual basis.

We are so torn apart by our inefficient labels, fighting each other over what to call certain things. Those who believe in God would call such things angels and demons and God and the Devil and those who don't would call them simply emotions and impulses, morality based on emotion, which is often misleading; they would view such things to be useless, including emotion.

However, one doesn't have to look very hard or very far in today's world of internet activity; one doesn't have to try very hard to be a force for good; to see that what the religious would call 'legion' has arisen, that it has inhabited people and made them started acting all the same. Non-religious folks would call it some scientific term or psychological string of events and yet, the phenomenon has occurred and so many people do act the same in negativity based on how they have chosen to respond to life; based also on varying degrees of ignorance and self-awareness.

One doesn't have to look very far to see the trail of money in the world and that money seemingly has absolute power with what it can buy, because even if it can't buy the people themselves, it can buy the people to force those people; bully them; into being bought; threaten them. One doesn't have to look very far to see how money has so easily succeeded in temporarily controlling the world in its ignorant bliss. One doesn't have to look very far to see the corruption of government of the highly futile nature of centralized government. One doesn't have to look far to see that each person only needs learn personal responsibility and self-awareness for all to live in peace with each other; to accept pain and death of the natural variety and to forsake causing their own ignorant pains and deaths.

One doesn't have to look very far to know that even if there is a God, we are seemingly on our own at the same time as there are things beyond our control that coincidentally manage to work their way in to our lives in helpful manners; if we only manage to see how they are helpful. That even without a God, there is something intangible in this world we can't define scientifically and may never be able to define in such terms.

One doesn't have to look very far to see the difference between man and nature; even though man is forever bound to nature by being a part of it; for man seeks to undermine natures ways and is only further bound by them and in his struggling, causes himself far more pain and death than necessary; and not just himself, but all others around him in his selfish throes of suffering.

One does not have to look very far, indeed; one needs only to look and to face their fears of what may be there and what may not be; to brave their own insecurities and weaknesses to become something more than what they were given by others; because the world is floating to an era of awareness at the same time as becoming one of the worst dark ages known to man. This age is tainted by the darkness of our souls, while past have been darkened due to senseless brutality of physicality, we are borne of brutality of the spirit.

War IS on the horizon as mankind together makes its baby steps into awareness and adulthood as a species; into responsibility at the same time as allowing ourselves to be the children here and there and to explore our world and adventure and learn and live and love. We are over-populated and yet, if you were religious, you might say that this is indeed the era where all the dead are among the living; for more are born than those who die and some are born dead who should live; for lack of a spirit to inhabit the body.

They would say that this is the era where the dead stand witness; and not just the dead who have lived before, but the dead in spirit. They might just say that the second coming of Christ is upon us; and who would be able to contradict them? Who would be able to support them? If Christ were born in this day and age, would he match your expectations of him? If Christ returned, would he be the same savior he was last time he was here? Would he look the same or would it just be his spirit in a new body?

No, they would say that Christ is here to judge, and yet they know not what they ask; for they ask with anger and hatred in their hearts over injustices done to them by their fellow men without seeking first to understand those fellow men. They ask an impossible job of a single person and that's all Christ is and ever was: a singular person. A person, not a God. He allowed the blind to see, meaning not that he made a blind person suddenly able to see, but that he caused the blind (those who could not see the sanctity of life) to see the sanctity of life; and it's not that he made the deaf here, but he made those who could not hear the voice of the lord to hear the voice of the lord.

And most importantly, he did not command the dead to rise as such is imagined of the dead rising from the dead to join the living again, but he commanded the dead spirits within living bodies to join the spirits that were alive. He commanded people to let go of their negativity and darkness and see the light and to let go of their own suffering so that those around them would not have to suffer more.

There is a lot that any one man can do; but alone, he remains just as one man and this was evidenced with Christ's death; whether you believe in God or not, whether you even believe that Christ existed or not. Christ still died. He was still abandoned by his friends while they sought to protect their own lives in fight-or-flight response-mode. He was still hung up and killed for trying to bring responsibility and love and freedom (as much as can be had within the cycle of life and death) as those who sought control and war and power fought against him.

We have real life embodiments of this man riddling our recent history, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr. So many people who would be more like him if they weren't so busy having their blind faith in good things taken advantage of by people who have ulterior motives; which wouldnt be such a bad thing if those motives didnt eventually lead to more restriction of freedom and more subjugation and more heroes made into criminals by todays society.

IN fact, you see in the world around you just how much those who have suffered the least cause those around them to suffer the most; for it is not just lashing out without understanding, it is lashing out due to boredom and due to lack of understanding; such as with recent acts that have plagued the youth of today like those in major cities who have made a new game of trying to knock people in a single punch; and people have been killed in the process. Such as our hacktivists who claim to fight for freedom at the same time as being used by someone else.

And even there we see the religious possibility of an antichrist; what non-religious people would simply call a great person; whether for bad or good. Such as Hitler had been. We see the possibility of such a person of intellect to rise up without true understanding of emotion or emotional rationality; and only understands their own confidence and their own power and sees the world as a game and all of its people as toys to do with as he sees fit. Perhaps at times, he might even try to protect the world, for that person would inevitably love it and the people in it the same as any other one of us would; but his acts would only be superficially good and would undermine his efforts as his efforts are borne of childish immaturity and lack of personal responsibility and accountability.

Nothing ever is bad or good; there is no clear line between the two. It IS muddied and it ISN'T clear, save to those who put in the time to understand it. It looks hypocritical and paradoxical, and yet isn't, because for each and every thing there is a place and time and a rhyme and reason. Again, one doesn't have to look very far; one only has to look.
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