the coup attempts aren't over

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Re: the coup attempts aren't over

Postby Mr Reasonable » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:15 am

you are being weird
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Re: the coup attempts aren't over

Postby iambiguous » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:41 am

Here's one mainstream conservative reaction to the attack on the capital building. ... e=Homepage

The point below in particular. From my frame of mind, it is particularly applicable to those here like Wendy and obsrvr and urwrongx:

The split we are seeing [in the ranks of those once solidly behind Trump] is not theological or philosophical. It’s a division between those who have become detached from reality and those who, however right wing, are still in the real world.

Hence, it’s not an argument. You can’t argue with people who have their own separate made-up set of facts. You can’t have an argument with people who are deranged by the euphoric rage of what Erich Fromm called group narcissism — the thoughtless roar of those who believe their superior group is being polluted by alien groups.

Tell me that this does not describe them!!

Group narcissism! Otherwise known [by me] as yet another manifestation of the "one of us" clique/claque mentality.

That it happens to be Trumpworld they worship and adore isn't really the point. It could be anything. As long as they are able to insist that the world around them is only what they say that it is. The psychology of objectivism on steroids.
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