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and what is the president doing?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:10 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
yesterday over 100,000 covid cases were reported in the U.S
and what exactly is IQ45 doing about it?

Not a thing...

His only concern to get reelected by pursuing empty law suits over
a failed presidental bid.. he lost and instead of dealing with the
massive spike in Covid cases, he is dicking around with law suits...

and why? because he doesn't give a shit if you or I might get Covid and die....

all he cares about is avoiding prison.... not only is he a terrible president
but he is a terrible excuse of a human being....

let us remain focus on what is the main issue in America today,
the elimination of Covid-19 ...... remember, we are at the start
of the winter season, deaths and the number of people infected will
grow and I mean seriously grow to number we haven't seen before....

even if a cure were found, say the Pfizer test turns out well,
then we still won't have a vaccine until March at the earliest because
of the time it takes to manufacture and bring it to the public........

to that end, Biden has already done more to attack Covid then IQ45 has,
by setting up a group to work on Covid.. a group of scientist and doctors,
which will abide by science, not like IQ45 witchcraft and wishful thinking....

a quick edit, just as I pushed Submit, across my phone came this tidbit,
that ben carson tested positive for Covid.... IQ45 can't even prevent his
closes staff members and family from getting Covid... he is a failure in every
possible way....


Re: and what is the president doing?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:49 pm
by iambiguous
On the other hand, what if the New York Post publishes an article suggesting that Hunter Biden's laptop has revealed an email between Joe Biden and Pfizer in which Pfizer agrees to hold off news of the vaccine until after the election.

And then obsrvr524 claims that it's all part of a conspiracy between Biden and the CCP to destroy Trump.