IQ coup attempt in the making..

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IQ coup attempt in the making..

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Wed Sep 23, 2020 7:14 pm

the White house is making plans for a coup attempt after
the election... the basic idea, no matter how large or close the election is
to get the states to overturn the election by refusing to submit
the electors who were voted in...

let us go into detail... when we vote, we aren't actually voting for the president,
or VP for that matter... we are voting for state electors who then vote for the president/VP....
if enough voters vote for Biden, then those electors in that state are supposed to
vote for the GOP plan is to claim voter fraud, and try to get
the states to supplant the voting in electors and replace them with
electors friendly to IQ45.... SO, this is basically a coup attempt to overthrow
an democratic election.... so Biden could win both the popular vote and the electoral
collage in a landslide and IQ45 would then over turn the election by this method....

from what I hear, it isn't if they do this but when....

the drop dead date for the electors is I believe Dec 12, 2020... so the IQ45 campaign
will try to stir the pot as long as possible after the election.. which is why they
are trying to ram through this supreme court nomination... because if they can
pack the Supreme court with republicans, they can steal this election......

personally, I believe this method of stealing the election will be tried...
I can't see IQ45 winning the election short of stealing it.......

so this election is about keeping America a democracy..
so if you favor dictatorship and putting IQ45 as president for life...
then vote for the dumpster fire... just remember....

when they came for the jews, I said nothing,
when they came for the gays, I said nothing,
when they came for the gypsies, I said nothing,
when they came for the protestors, I said nothing,
when they came for the "socialist", I said nothing,

when they came for me, there was no one left to protect me....

let that be the sentences of the day...

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