IQ45 approves of Lawless America.....

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IQ45 approves of Lawless America.....

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Mon Aug 31, 2020 11:35 pm

Just watched his press conference and he refused to
condemn the violence in the Streets...when given a chance to
specifically condemn Rittenhouse violence, IQ45 refused
and called it "self defense", spoiler alert, it wasn't......
and IQ45 was more then OK with his supporters going into
Portland to cause trouble... but the other people, they
are terrorist and Antifa... but his supporters, are perfectly
fine people.....and that is why the racial situation in this country
is going out of control.... because IQ45 won't condemn it...

which is the next point, today, Biden condemn violence regardless
of who did it... Biden did something that IQ45 still hasn't done in this
summer of violence.... actually condemn it....regardless of who did it....

the person who is pushing and aiding in this street violence in this country
isn't democrats but IQ45 and the GOP...Why? because it fits into their
narrative... and is politically haven't heard word one condemning
both sides from the GOP....

IQ 45 isn't the "law and order" candidate because he approves of his side
doing violence, and disapproves of the other side and that isn't "law and order",
that is partisan politics... and that is all IQ45 is doing, playing partisan politics...
and that means he has no interest in reducing the violence in the streets..

if he was truly interested, then he would condemn all violence, no matter who does it...

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