DNC third night

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DNC third night

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Thu Aug 20, 2020 6:36 pm

A very good night all around.....

the highlight was clearly Obama's speech....

perhaps the best speech he ever gave.. I have been watching his
speeches since 1996, DNC speech, and this was his best....

it was not by any means a partisan speech, it was a presidential
speech and something completely beyond anything IQ45 could have done....

in all my 60 plus years, I have never heard a previous president attack the current
president in a speech...actually, Obama wiped out IQ45 in a devastating manner....

He warned in no uncertain terms that IQ45 is an existential thread to both democracy
and to America itself...

at this point, we are fighting to save both democracy in America and America
itself.. and Obama made this clear...In ways that only a few could have done so

while watching his speech, I realized that Harris was going to speak after him,
and I, must admit, I felt sorry for her for following one of the great speeches
of the 21st century... she had huge footsteps to follow....

the second best speech and on any other night, would have been the
best speech of the night, was Harris's speech..

she spoke from the heart and she was very effective...after watching
her, you knew, knew, that she would be a great VP and if necessary,
a great president......and a return to the America that has been for over 150
years, a beacon of hope and freedom for the world over...

she spoke of an America that has been the "shining city on the hill"
and was now a broken mess that, as is, has no future.......

either we uphold our core values of the last 200 years or we pack it in
and declare democracy a failure....

we are engaged in a struggle to either keep America a free and open
democracy or to become a tyranny, be it king or dictator......

the strength of a democracy is in its adherence to the laws...
obedience to the laws is what keep a democracy, our democracy, the shining
"city on the hill"......

we became a democracy because of the founding fathers understanding that
we cannot hold to a monarchy or a dictatorship because those paths allow
the whim of a monarch or a dictator, to hold sway... in other words,
what the monarch or dictator proclaim as law today, in a whim, he might
change overnight... making it impossible for someone to hold to the law
when the laws can be changed in a moments notice on a whim by a monarch or
dictator.....that is the stakes being fought over today... should we be
a nation of laws or a nation that allows the whims of a failed, psychopath
to control the laws by his every changing whims and diseased mind.......

those who argue for IQ45 argue for becoming a monarchy or a dictatorship....
with IQ45 being in charge.... what a terrifying thought... given the lack
of intelligence he has, the lack of any moral or principles that allow him
to engage in decent and noble fashion... how can a man behave morally
when he has publicly stated that he "grabs them by the pussy" and over
20 women have accused him of sexual assault and rape......

those defenders of IQ45, have, by their defense of IQ45 believe that
morals and character don't matter at all, that we can elect someone
with no morals, with no standards, that our behavior shouldn't be
punished or limited... we cannot allow this low bar to hold.....

for is IQ45 isn't held accountable for actions done, rape, violence,
sexual assault... then why should I be held accountable for any actions I
might take? If IQ45 isn't held accountable for his actions, income tax
evasion, money laundering and treason, then why should I be held
accountable for my actions?

IQ45 could commit murder, and probably has, and if he isn't
held accountable, then if I were to commit murder, why should I
be held accountable?

the failure to support moral behavior, means the end of the justice
system.... why have courts or judges or policemen, if we don't hold
everyone accountable for their actions?

to hold some accountable for their actions and excuse others for
the very same actions isn't justice, it is the very antithesis of justice......

this is a world where right and wrong have no meaning because the only
that matters is to have the wealth, power, titles to be above
the law, above justice, to be above having morals or standards to uphold
that allow a society or state to function.... if we have no morals or standards,
then the very basis of a society is threaten to be destroyed...

if the justice system has two standards of operation, those above
the law and those who are held to the law, then we have no justice system,
we don't have any freedoms and we don't have any equality.....

the very basis that holds a society or state together is gone because for
a state or society to hold, it must, must hold to that all are to be held to
the same standards or none can be held to any standard and the society/state

the very reason that the American revolution and the French and Russian
revolution began.... because some were being held to one standard by
either wealth or power or titles and those without wealth or power or
titles were being held to another standard of morality...

either the laws are applied equally or they cannot be applied at all....

this is the very threat that IQ45 poses to America... that because
he is "above the law" he threatens to unravel society and the state....
for if he isn't prosecuted for the very same laws that I would be
prosecuted for, then we don't have justice in this country.....

the very fabric of society and the state, dissolve without
obedience to the law.....laws created by our fellow man
and not by the whims of monarchs or dictators.....

supporting IQ45 is to support the dissolution of justice,
of democracy and of the law.....
do you wish to end justice? do you wish to end democracy?
do you wish to end obedience to the law?

then vote for IQ45.... you will get your wish of destroying
justice, equality, democracy and America......

this is the fundamental choice facing us today....

democracy or monarchy?

justice or dictatorship?

equality or no laws?

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