IQ45 is trying to steal the election....

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IQ45 is trying to steal the election....

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:09 pm

the village idiot has publicly stated that he is attempting to defund
the postal service in an attempt to deny votes to steal the election...
he said it....

that is a matter of public record....this denial of the most fundamental
right of an American citizen should be fought with every ounce of our being....

unless you are against Americans voting in which case you stand with dictators who
also prevent their citizens from voting......

but this also tells us that by trying to steal the election, he doesn't think
he is going to win..... you don't try to steal an election if you think
you are going to win...

but think about it... the basic fundamental value of being an American is
being taken away so the GOP can win an election....

the post office has removed a vast number of free standing postal boxes on
streets and city corners.. especially in lower class areas and inner cities...

the post office has also removed 671 high volume sorting machines to slow
down the election.... this blatant attempt to steal the election should show
us the reality of the GOP..... there only interest is in getting and keeping power....

what does it say about the GOP and IQ45 when they are far more concerned
about stifling Americans from voting then dealing with the TRUMP depression
or the TRUMP pandemic.....

you can see their values when it is unimportant to them that Americans by
the millions are suffering from vast hardships and soon to come evictions by
the millions....and the GOP couldn't care less and IQ45 couldn't care less..

their values are shown by their focus upon stealing this election instead of
taking care of the American citizens....

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security
wind up with neither."
"Ben Franklin"
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