IQ45 latest executive order that kill Americans

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IQ45 latest executive order that kill Americans

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:38 pm

IQ45 just signed a EO, execute order in which he ends collecting
unemployment and payroll taxes which means there will be no
money being collected for social security and Medicare....

in other words, IQ45 is trying to end both social security and medicare....

which basically means older people, like my mother will have no source of
income and no way to pay for health care...

he is trying to end the single most successful government program
in the history of America....... He is trying to destroy
every single person in America who needs social security
and medicare.....On Monday, tomorrow, he will be sued by
about 500 entities and people for this flagrant attempt
to destroy social security and Medicare...

Now the next point is he has no constitutional right to do what he did.....
the congress has the right to make such adjustments, not the president...

it says so right in the Constitution... the house has all, ALL rights in
dealing with money in the federal government..... not the Senate nor
the president nor the court system, the house has exclusive rights
to making laws in regards to monetary reforms such as changes
in Social security or Medicare

he also just might tell the IRS not to collect payroll taxes which as
the same effect of destroying Social security and Medicare..

which means then he is violating the law....

what kind of monster tries to take away income from the older citizens
of America who have worked their entire life for that money....

a vote for IQ45 means a vote to eliminate Social security and Medicare....
trust me when I say that is a horrible thing, now and into the future....

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