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Postby Meno_ » Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:16 pm

{The question of limits have transcended science, math, and even politics with issues recycled for ever and some. One early one is term limits, and why it is important to use them in a realistic democratic society.

However , the bifulcaration if an overall ' Democratic ' idea. has had it's pre and post revolutionary phase, and new ideas have come to emerge between the 19th and the 20th centuries.

The final chapter is being drawn , and the last measure that caps all arguments is the NWO, that economically sealed the idea of an ideologically based reasoning.

That such pronouncements induce some resentments is obvious. People do not like to be dictated to, much the less forced to admit to their impotence in trying to live up to the rights rights to which they always believed they were entitled to.

Can certain limits be bypassed , not only formally, and theoretically, or even rhetorically ? Can not history habe some meaning inn the state's of affairs, or, has history become another one of those forms of decay that was meant to archaic labyrinths of amusement and non relevance?

Do formal arguments are destined to become the dead rhetorical plays with which the ancients eventually buried their own civility ?

Self imposed limits are perhaps even more important then those which are precedentially significant, the original a warning, that the lessons of history may be needed some refreshing and guillotine preventing course.

After all, Democracy was hard won, and most everyone by now learned since childhood the embarrassment that the naked emperor had to bear.

The NWO is the symbol of the final self containment, where a there are no more breaks within the circle of power that can define its own rules.

This is from Forbes on this topic, tangential and sterile, with few overtones.}:

The Five Billionaires Who Have Gained The Most Since Trump Became President

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump delivered his inaugural address, promising to “make America wealthy again.” In the three years since that day, America has certainly gotten wealthier, with the U.S. stock market surging 47%. But the five biggest gainers are people who were already exceedingly rich.

Three are American billionaires. The other two live outside the U.S. Together their fortunes have grown by a total of $219 billion since Trump became president. Make no mistake, these tycoons were in a good position to add to their fortunes regardless of who took office that January morning. Their gains since then have more do with favorable markets and smart decisions than the current president, with whom they have periodically clashed and collaborated.

Gains since Trump inauguration: +$74.4 billion

Net worth: $116.5 billio

Revenues of Arnault’s luxury powerhouse, LVMH, jumped 25% from 2016 to 2018, the most recent year on record, and profits shot up 57%. In October, President Trump joined the French businessman at the ribbon cutting for a new Louis Vuitton workshop in Texas. The next month, Arnault’s company announced a $16.2 billion deal to buy American jeweler Tiffany & Co., which, by chance, recently started subleasing space in one of the president’s New York City buildings, 6 East 57th Street. On Friday, Arnault once again overtook Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to become the richest person in the world.

Jeff Bezos

Gains since Trump inauguration: +$46 billion

Net worth: $115.6 billion

After offering to shoot Trump into space, the founder of Amazon has gained more money under the current president than anyone else in America. Even as Trump has criticized the e-commerce giant, its shares have been climbing, in conjunction with the company’s revenue. The most recent filings, which include figures through the first three quarters of 2019, show sales are up 109% in three years. If Bezos had not handed over one quarter of his Amazon stake in his divorce from ex-wife MacKenzie (who is now worth an estimated $36.7 billion), he would have gained even more than Arnault.

Mukesh Ambani

Gains since Trump inauguration: +$39.2 billion

Net worth: $61.1 billion

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries,[+]

India’s richest person is thriving, thanks to savvy moves and a booming national economy. At the start of the Trump presidency, Ambani brushed off the idea that having a protectionist in the White House would necessarily be bad for global business. “Actually, Trump might be a blessing in disguise,” he said at a 2017 conference. “It will focus the Indian talent. It will focus the Indian IT industry to focus on solving problems in India.” No surprise that Ambani was thinking about such things. Just months before, Ambani’s oil-and-gas-focused conglomerate had launched a major diversification initiative, starting a 4G phone service called Jio. Today, there are more than 350 million people signed up for the service. In other words, the number of Jio customers is larger than the population of the United States. With numbers like that, why worry about trade wars?

Steve Ballmer

Gains since Trump inauguration: +$30.7 billion

Net worth: $60 billion

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer gets the[+]

After the former Microsoft CEO retired in 2014, his successor, Satya Nadella, pushed the company to new levels. Microsoft stock is up 181% since Trump’s inauguration, helping boost Ballmer’s net worth by an estimated $30.7 billion. In the last three years, Nadella has made big acquisitions like software firm GitHub, while continuing to grow Microsoft’s cloud business. Microsoft beat Amazon to win a cloud-computing defense contract in October, after President Trump weighed in. The deal could be worth as much as $10 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg

Gains since Trump inauguration: +$28.9 billion

Net worth: $82.2 billion

What controversy? Public outcry and Capitol Hill hearings have done little to slow down Facebook stock, which has jumped 75% since the day Trump took office. When the social network released its latest quarterly report in October, revenues were up 28% and three-month profits had increased 19% to $6.1 billion. More than enough to cover the Federal Trade Commission’s July fine of $5 billion for violating consumer privacy—one of the largest penalties in government history.

© 2020 Forbes Media LLC. All Rights Reserved

{The question if limits does and should undermine the type of governance, and a call to judgement accorded to the best ideological norm that could offer credence to a world beset by all the problems abounding everywhere, but merely as a measure the internal dynanice which may hinder the advance of said principles subsumed under the rhetoric.

If the whole world would be able to vote in some subjunctive level to listen to measurable guidance in today's universally degraded environment, without the need to mask with simulation , supported by undermined conspiratorial rationalizations, then this world may would still yet have a chance.

The problem now is not the appeal to a universally applicable charity, each according to his ability to share, but the vision of lack of self control to serve without the prejudiced preception of what robes leadership is really clothed in.

Ideology more than writ in stone, to be visited in some ancient ruin in it's heyday, it is embedded in the very genetic neuron channels of the reactive mind.}
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