no hope

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no hope

Postby lordoflight » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:23 pm

Republicans are litterally more pathetic than actual faggots. Republicans are pathetic and afraid of Cuck Norris. If Cuck Norris does a roundhouse kick to a christard, these republichristards lose their minds.

I am reading the PATHETIC youtube comments. Can't even call republicans faggots because Faggots are litterally Stand Up men who i respect.

all these pathetic people on the internet, so sad too bad. Whiny cry babies who want to jail a man just for almost, ALMOST shoving an asshole in front of a truck. And they didn't even know about the truck thing at first, they didn't even know!...They wanted to go on some vigilante crusade about the man SOLELY just by being the same as jigglypuff and assaulting people with a marker!

Society is so double standard...Feminists are pathetic, Republicans are pathetic...Feminists disown him for just kicking her in the shoulder...Wasn't even in the nose. How pathetic can you get. And republicans want to whine and call the whambulance and say he's not a real man. Pathetic. Such sickening goodie two shoes. The man should in fact get praise for giving comedic gold to the internet. Instead, he is hated by these pathetic lunatics. Humanity is anti-nature, evil beyond belief, humanity is Artificial and humans are all evil fascist Robots like in portal 2...absolutely sickening. Can't even have healthy wholesome fun like round-house kicking people, in this pathetic, sickening, day and age.

ITS SUCH A FUCKING STANDARD. If a woman kicks a man in the nuts they get thunderous applause, if a man kicks a woman in the shoulder and not even boob, he gets banned and shamed. Makes me fucking sick
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Re: no hope

Postby Mr Reasonable » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:08 am

It's like...everyone wants to fight, but they don't really want to fight.
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