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Re: This is why I hate liberals

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:27 am
by MagsJ
barbarianhorde wrote:Big cities bright lights, like Paris? Where girls can't walk alone in the streets?

The intolerance is basically coming from the mooselmen. I mean I don't think they have much tolerance for any thing that lives.

We had a tolerant city here for every creed and gays and what not, but in the 90s the first gen mooselmen grew to teenage hood and within a few years they had beaten up so many people, gays predominantly, that no gay ever walks the streets openly here again.I havent seen an open gay for over ten years except in the police monitored gay pride parade.

So tell me, is there much tolerance for gays or Jews in London?


Yeah I didn't think so.

Selective tolerance is the fetish. Tolerance to the ones that murder and mutilate, which makes London intolerant to basic human care and kindness.

Can the British isles recover to civilization? I don't think so, because they were only worth anything when they were all fanatically clinging to the Queen.

The few intolerant overshadow the tolerant, so we only see a small part of the picture.. which makes the news and headlines of late.

Sensationalism always outshines normality, but that doesn't mean it's more abundant.

London is back to being London.. albeit in a re-reversion of its former self.. as you can't change history, but you can revert.