Mexican Shoah

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Mexican Shoah

Postby Zero_Sum » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:38 pm

In an article Gregg Gonsalves who is a Yale professor has said that all Americans of good judgement should start an underground network in hiding illegal immigrants especially Mexican ones or those south of the Rio Grande from I.C.E. agents.

He's right you know since Donald Trump is the epitome of Adolf Hitler and I.C.E. agents are the equivalent of SS officers. It's clear that if this persecution of Mexicans or anybody continues it could possibly turn into a Mexican shoah under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Me and Wendy have been talking to each other about this all week where we've decided we're going to hide five illegal Mexican immigrants along with their families in our house possibly in our attic crawl space. I feel so sad for these Mexican families and one of the little girls with one of the families reminds me of a Mexican Anne Frank.

How many more of these Mexican concentration camps must litter the landscape of our southern border states? Having national borders or a singular national ethnic identity is utterly racist.

To people of good moral judgement around the United States please take an illegal immigrant family into your homes today!


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