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Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:55 pm
by Meno_
The House introduced legislation. Yesterday to impeach Deputy Dept. of Justice Rosenstein yesterday. As of last year this time, this would have been unimaginable.

The sad part is, the political communitie's awareness, fact recall, and exercise of barometer power-switch is incredibly over any of that pdntje public they represent; hence their obsession with manipulating the public's awareness.

The White a house yesterday asked a reporter not to come back to any presidential news conference . because of the manner in which certain questions were asked.
Treading on the 2nd amendment?

What can conservative implications of this be? That Democratic governance have become impossible on account of the apparent split between the political awareness of the governed and those whom they govern?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:06 pm
by Meno_
Conservatives back down on Rosenstein impeachment because backlash by speaker Ryan

Now this: Senator Claire McCaskill D.from Missouri running in the biannual elections, has been cyberattacked by Russia.

Trump visited Missouri earlier this summer , trying to dissuade voters from keeping her in office, coupled with his announcement that he fears Russia will help Dems. take over the Congress, particularly the Senate. In other words, again the split between two different versions of the truth.

On the Cohen front, he has taken am adversarial position via-a-vie his boss, where Cohen is claiming that Trump knew the meeting with the Russians set up in Trump tower prior to his election , contrary to previous disclosures. Cohen has taken this position to get back at Trump for not standing by his attorney in jisntime of need, and now that his back is to the wall , he is singing to the feds, to protect his self and family, in spite of having said earlier that he would take a bullet for Trump.

This is truly an amazing performance in a charged atmosphere, nothing the Apprentice was able to achieve in its electrifying high intensity.

Putin-Trump bromance

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:56 pm
by Meno_
Putin is ready to accept invitation to D.C., in spite of Congress unwilling to layout red carpet for him.

Wag dog is menacing and it is not Trump who is wagging. Got the picture?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:50 pm
by Fixed Cross
Since the democrats lost all legal footing when clonts emails were acid washed, the republicans are in control of every final moral high ground.

Not until the clont camps blatant crimes are recognized and punished will there be any power to demand accountability for them.

I dont understand how a clever kid like yourself doesn't see such elementary things.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:33 pm
by Meno_
Fixed Cross wrote:Since the democrats lost all legal footing when clonts emails were acid washed, the republicans are in control of every final moral high ground.

Not until the clont camps blatant crimes are recognized and punished will there be any power to demand accountability for them.

I dont understand how a clever kid like yourself doesn't see such elementary things.

I admit morality to be on a loose footing with legality at ten very least, but as far as having any kind of valuable transferable relation with it, is demonstratablu an iffy conjecture.
We've been considering this issue for over a month, and variously have not found a way of resolution.

Political one upmanship is not the same as having any other value then trying to fix(sorry for the pun) converts unity other then using sophistry to impressionable kids, like You say. That even kids can see through this illusion is tantamount to dressing the emperor in pleasing but deceitful clothes.

The sins of the Dems, sure, are pitiful in them selves, but they do not warrant an eye for an eye mentality.

Whether the collusion problem is more or less weighty a moral sin, is another problem, but certainly is not excusable in terms of political value.

Its just like a guy charged with murdering his beloved father because he found out that the said father raped and then suffocated his sister.

They are not comparable, each is tried on its own lack of merit. The guy can't say , well, I murdered my father because he did this terrible thing, and most jurors are getting very wise to this type of defense.

Now we, as U.S. citizens, belong to a vastly larger jury, and we have expert opinion, upon to rely on. However, within our own hearts, we must elect to have our own individual opinion, on grave matters, consisting on crimes against our own individual conscience.

The Nixon fiasco is similar, but not identical to Trump's problems, if, and ever the judgment can come through.

That the payback scenario is floated about so apparently rightly, is an example per excellence of how illusive the whole politico-socio-mass psychology has become.

It has created an air of unthrustwotthiness, division and a sense of moral decay, internationally , nationally and at the grass roots. Representation has become an unreliable took to measure the mirror of the uncertain image of even public opinion.

The media ceased to be a proper message, as the result of collusively charged intentionally staged representations, as well as is charged


PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:03 pm
by Meno_
Now, after repeating for the X't time that the Mueller investigation is a with h hunt, Juliani appearing on Fox & Friends stated unequivocally that even if there was a collusion, or is NOT a crime because it is not in the Federal Rules.

The feeling is becoming evident which way this is going. Policy, particularly ones gearing up to be concerned with national defense trump any and all crimes.

There was the witchhunt of the McCarthy era, that destroyed countless crimes, again involving Russia, and there is this one, also involving involving Russia

But it appears that they are at opposite sides of the Kantian fulcrum, and the untangling of the sandwich comes from changes of perspective rather then either logic or common sense. The middle falls if certain presumptions are discarded, the Jane Austin play: Sense & Sensibility come to mind as a comedy of manners, both: of politics and moral appeals, where the meaning of both can and cannot cannot be juxtapositioned, depending on which on is used as applicable as a defense or offense.

The point is that the whole didactic affair entertains neo-conservative appeals as solution , yet inadmissible as either a useful tool, or, incorporating a whatever it evolves into a pragmatic policy ridden whatever. The middle has become ostentatious and full of holes, all in the name of national security , but hiding beneath it are things like emoluments clauses, despotism, illegal campaign contributions.

However policy dictating, and very useful changes policy regarding illegal unrightful trade practices in particular to the Chinese, (with noteworthy illegal approbation of intellectual property, ), there is a balance here.
As Fixed Cross pointed out, real politics appear to play this for-for tat, but does it jive with the Republicans formal political high ground upon which this whole structure stands.
It appears to be a flaw in the design, and again, that flaw is incorporation. Of that into the policy consideration , at once a pragmatic appeal, toward balance and unity in the whole

It is truly a fearful politically possibly self destroying structure

Hope it works but its beginning to look more and more unstable.

In reality, and sans a construct, it works like this:

When the USSR collapsed, the equilibrium between it and the USA collapsed ideologically
The total value of the collapse left the USA an. apparent looser, because , as the winner of the cold war, it had to guarantee the antithesis of the Russian Marxist - Kantian-Leninist ideology. The question became on of value exchange on terms of the other.
The vacuum left worldwide left a mix which sought answers , as solution of abandoned application of governance as focusing on social welfare.

The initial euphoria showed the lack of transparency in real social terms, and the way Democracy has been devalued bilaterilally , no amount of new propaganda could smooth over.
The ideal state as defined by Plato, proved as ingenious as that of the gods of antiquity, and a basic belief in matters of adapting the ideals of said ancient world, could not be sustained on terms of advertised standard of living as Madison Avenue would have liked to have it.

The poorwr are becoming poorer in the U.S., and fierce competition could not salvage a worldwide competitive structure of economic life , simply because the very imbalance of wages to profits have grown askew, and short term profits generated by profit taking eat up an equal distribution to agents and tools of distribution; keeping expectation and real distribution on a skewed presentation of the goals .

By this simple algorithm, reality was more baswdorw on hype then reality.

This is why oligarchs with expectation of domonation of market place , created the tension everyone is experiencing today, and ceased to believe in equal improvement , especially in countries which were used to highly regulated political governance.

The sheer audacious belief by way of the ruling class made a number of bad calls, especially how the internet has made a profound effect , as dramatic as was the effect on literacy and knowledge made by the Gutenberg Bible.

This is why trouble is furmanting in a calculus of non linear change.

The thing is, this quantofocation of real data by hypoebelic use of misleading rhetoric, changes things,
to a degree that the data has to be a biofeedback machine, where bad news has to be conrravseted into good. How? The synthetic unity as a functional derivative of both the fed back and the original economic model

Wjat this means and how it is done, is best described as a scheme , of financing it as a planned , fixed economy, not unlike Russia's 5 hear plans of yesteryears.

Trump's dissatisfaction. With the Fed's moves' generated some hope to the monetary solution to short term advantages' as of the coming great new world's problems as introduced by the current administration can some how be bought and financed long term. There are no ideal ways to guarantee long term equality nor less long term.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:38 am
by Meno_
Midsummer night's repast.

Now taking w break with preoccupation with Trump, instead , think disjoint , the fear of, something inconsolable , like parallels for instance.

Long time ago talked with someone here about philosophical psychology and or the psychology of philosophy, which was at a certain point/place in this forum.

Why this or that, why Trump so and so and not the other way, why is TRUMP beginning to bore , the antics wearing thin, why so I not want to smoke with my son in law, why so I smell insanity of the person eclipsing that of society?

Why why why? To be continue-ed.

But back on track. I have recurring horror of permanent writer's block, where the only honest futile of a compensation for a personally established sync within a mass psychological emptiness within which all of us orbit the enormous black hole slowly digesting stars traveling in mistaken direction toward its humongous epicenter: so big in fact, that it encompasses billions of solar masses. Take the vision of the techno world on edge, where dreamworld has no longer any gravity of the pull of meaning: creating great orbs of indifference and wondrous but not complacent anti vision.

Is that similar texture encompass, the magic and profundity within a hidden castle ?

Is lostness no longer the primary romance of a vision so great as to create the energy to recapture it?

This too, lies below that romantic revival that to those to whom return at any price is preferable to being turned into a mechanical redistribution of vital organs in case of an accidental demise?

The return even all of can only occur at some midnight, at the stroke of some clock hanging in midair, have already been remanufactured and faded as old sunstained velvet?

This too, evoking the duplex of leaving alone, as if a mystical lonely commitment. need be , even by the strangest turn of the Blakean turn into the fragmentation of leaving alone or more happily as a member of hidden groups.

Telling an in law that can not trip because of this, that the one thinking, leaving, alone hides all and every one, and there is no one on whom this pressure does not make of either one or many, as coming back? Can certainty give comfort in where to transport the myriad of memory, which loose all and the loss being a gain on the other side.

At times smart politics, absolute commitments are but a long gleaned possibility of a new birth, as necessary to singularly become as the fear of leaving alone.

The dizzying magical of the origin of godspell, of it superscribing and underwriting even the highest technology affirms the wisdom of the conquest of the soul over its matter.

And then the return where to return by sheer madness apparent to all coming into its orbit, makes such invincible even unto its self. That is the power of a renewal of an ancient promise, and for such, a cure is rejected , and nothing comparable can take its place.

At some point deliverability would usher in more heartbreak.

So much for some repast, within the heart that not only retains, but. transfers power into cheap tricks of reverence.

Believe then you are lost.

PS: perhaps our planned visit to Ben Dracula castle will let is rarer repast.
Of course crosses and garlic are a pre-requisite as some put down relics of superstitious folklore to be caused by some vir, visceral infection from the past.

Repast repost

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:52 pm
by Meno_
New: Trump is echoing Juliani on account of the latter's definitive expression of not finding collusion a federal crime.

The Koch brothers have disallogned themselves from Trump from supporting congressional elections. Trump a minor league wealthist (a contested 3 bil to the Koch of over 100 , has not the substance bit an assumed power over the Koch's.
This is significant, for they are Republicans as well.

Trump reacted severely, feeling and knowing the tenuous compensations against major players.

August 1, 2018

President Trump asked DOJ's sessions to end Mueller investigation, it being merely a witch hunt, and cynics proclaim that we are entering McCarthyism 2. Appears everything grinding down into a scene of approaching endgame in a c(C)institutional battle. Meanwhile .

Trade war heats up China says it will not respond to U.S. blackmail to raise tax on imports from 10% to 20% on 200 billion of imports.. All this heat colluding with what's going on in the Mueller investigation are all coming down to some kind of baseline, either redemption for Trump , or, he'll or high water. Even now its not a call.

At the same time, negotiations are under way with EU to avert a trade war there.

Meanwhile , on the NK front , CIA photos show a renewal of ICBM development of intercontinantel missiles. While Russia is saber rattling as well.

Opposition demonstrations in Red Square against Putin's policies has shown no major problems with significant control issues there.

It seems like the world stew is generally hearing up, with Israel downing a Syrian Mig.

Russia has dumped 100 billion dollars of U.S. debt, but the question of a Chinese dump in excess of a trillion dollars , in retaliation, is fully taken in account?

Avenatti vs Hannity

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:21 pm
by Meno_
LaCosta , whom everybody knows by now, appeared on Hannity' s show and was lambasted for the scene in Florida.

Avenatti came in and challenged Hannity to invite him on the show saying try me big boy!

Meanwhile the Manafort trial is under way, and could get a hard time life sentence for the Ukrainian deal on which he made a near hundred million upon no taxes were paid.Sweet.

Probably this is why Trump wants the interview to actually happen against his own dream team's advice, leading the pack by Juliani.

The weather is getting very nasty.


PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:07 pm
by Meno_
Re past post.

Now Dracula is another matter. Sleeping in a coffin at daytime so to avoid village people his dream :
Them running after him , lit torches lighting their way , them out for blood.

He ain't doin' it for no kind of fame, only to counterbalance the knowledge disseminated by goddaughter countless imama, of his bloodnsucking ways, whereby the followong facts can be stated:

Relived that ghetto mentality has infected his soul, in fact the billion dollar baby must have bit him first in the castle, or rolling stone papa didn't have it right.

Two: dracul is definitely a male. That peculiar Transylvanian princess drinking gallons of blood in fact bathing in it, had nothing of anything to do with it.

No, sets have to be limited to those very talented actors who can defeat form over matter and he is definitively a male. That certain princess walled up by order of the king had not much to do with it but give the kingdom its bad reputation.)

But now things have changed , with many a one turn vampiriatic then suffer the uneasy consequences of being tatood with an A

No that will not do and.on what account? Like Maldoror on the beach along with ein stein? And Gertrude.

Maybe only an internal catharsis, so they will bow to the mea culpa, when the tabernacle sounds as of yet rational world?

Dracula. They told it to the wind and even the least of them take another piece of my heart , make me one of the immortals let me bite!

It is.this to which this summer's wind my sail attunes , come down to this: the end of innocence, tribal music , and turns a-plenty gypsies digging it, the castle on top they are whispering nofrartu, as of thinking will not here it .

The billion dollar baby is slightly amused, he was the one whom his own mother threw into the blood soaked red sea, when her breath bitten by his razorsharp teeth, now they all know what is IS, and the least of which suckle that tit that once fed tat, and gladly indulge in her duplicious black souls.

No transylvania awaits, the magical mystery commences , the Castle awaits , high in Oberhaugtburg, thin air &copies of ecce homo strung about,
the early swing of the autumn fields yielding the savage underbelly of the old man of the mountains.

To loose this , is unbearably and strangely.

To gain that is not exactly fitting.

Part 2 the squeeze

No exit u say? There is one highly difficult to attain and that is a perfect role achieved by changing the meaning of things on general by switching terms to which alternates cam be easily assigned. Coumterposition roots with fruits

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:38 am
by Meno_
Sarah Sanders pressed by CNN reporter, Costa to declare the press the enemy of the people, refused.
Costa later tweeted her refusal shameful

New: Donald Trump Jr says Dems are like the Nazi Party was . What?

August 3, 2018

Trumps own security team today declared finding that Russia is continuing in the internal affairs of Russia, while Trump tweeted that this is based on a 'hoax'.

Meanwhile: 2 simultaneous announcements different in kind:

1. Mueller will wait until mid term election until announcing collusion charges

2. Trump is not backing off tariffs on 200 bil. U.S. goods , while China retaliating on 80 bil. The overriding opinion is China is trying to keep face, and is extremely vulnerable at this stage.

Collusion is imminent between internal and external policy manifestations, without a shadow of doubt.

Carl Bernstein, long time reporter who covered the Nixon saga, came out to say that 'this is far worse then Watergate because the Republicans are undermining the Mueller investigation.'

Aug 4

Presidential historian Jon Meacham calling the media : the enemy of the people is reminiscent of the totalitarianism of Sztalin in the fifties, and reminiscent of the red baiting in reverse. Could this be a film running backwards? It certainly feels like it, but the who is right or wrong splashes down an echo chamber.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:36 pm
by Meno_
Rasmussen Poll:

34 % of all polled voters strongly approve of Trump's performance, while 41 % strongly disagree as of today, August 5, 2018

Trump admitted today of the fact ofnthw Trump team colluding with the Russians , but the defense of collusion being not a Fed.crime is gearing up concurrently by his lawyers, while they are exasperated how difficult a man he is to represent.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:36 pm
by Meno_
A hypothetical :Why Trump might survive the presidency and even win another term.(if he survives assassination and /or health problems and/or old age.

The whole election rubric was the result of a hidden reversal based on rhetoric baiting the popular message of Make America Great Again.

This is the simplest use of reverse psychology . and its aims are the opposite then what's intended.

The decline of America is the result of a well fed.populace (overall) who li e off the fat of the presumed entitlement of gifts they had no part in earning.

The coming New World Order, am inevitability all the world is striving for.

And lastly the approach to the lowest possible level of balance between the universal haves and don't haves.

& possibly the computerized show of necessary collusive tactics to achieve the above. I believe the newest supercomputers are capable of this type of analytical program's conclusion.

The collusion of political necessity is the ground for avoiding all out nuclear war.

The manipulation of results at the polls is the fail safe indemnity in case something happens.

If You have read this far, then there is no need to worry about extreme groups misunderstanding and causing problems even against overlwheling security issues and their containment , because of an admission that this view can become just another conspiratorial nut job.

Not because of an admission that this view can become just another conspiratorial nut job.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:48 pm
by Meno_
because of an admission that this view can become just another conspiratorial nut job.
Not is this merely an admission that it is.

Trump$'s lawyers did not accept conditions of narrowing the investigative field, rejected Mueller teams requirements, vis
early termination of inquiry, whereas Mueller , his posture pressed to the wall, for terminating early, for probable. cause of using tactics of using platform to influence biannual elections, a charge he could really do without

Meanwhile , China retaliated with a 25% import tax on some U.S. goods, hurting Middle States' farmers

Catch 22-darkening clouds

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:43 pm
by Meno_
The mid term elections are approaching with uncertainty rising like a scorpions tale.

Mueller has had quite a downward run on bad luck via his underling's trial (Manaford) with the judge castigating the Mueller team left and right -a surprising development.

The Dems opposed to impeachment because it may work counter to their advantage.

Mueller is in a bind to either finish and publish his investigation , or wait until election, since he too would be open to a charge of trying to influence the election. In addition the Republicans are feverishly working on strategy to get Mueller more bad publicity.

While all this swirling about is taking place statememts concerning hypersonic missle development is the big news , where both China and Russia are claiming prototypes, while the U.S. is counterclaiming the successful revival of Teller-Reagan's pet project 'Star Wars' , declared very doe-able by the dept. of defense, made possible by the very quick rate of development of military high tech and dramatic decrease in cost.

Tables again tilting

China has threatened a U.S. jet over international territorial waters, near contested islands which are developed for military purposes by China, and asked the planes to leave. The US persisted and several fly buys later revealed very sophisticated developments , such as airports and facilities for maintenance, vast military presence to train mini suicide submarines. Contesting these islands are other Asian nations mainly among them : the Philippines.
The new 25% levy on an additional 18 billion of US reported goods is another fuel added out of an already out of control fire.

If this was not enough, the U.S. issued a communique that it will station troops to Taiwan to protect the U.S. embassy there , with China replying that may be considered an invasion of its own territory in another contest of wills.

The reconstituted high tariffs against Iran and Russia are probably less of substance and more of a ploy of a political show as the Mueller investigation is ready to pull out all stops and bring in the big guns.

The wag the dog scenario is coming home slowly, a thief in the night, to expose its awful claws and heinous teeth.Again this scenario is another what if, but let's not forget , all these extremely wealthy people have shelters and extended familial and social networks .

Hope and pray that human nature doesent smile away a political opportunity .

At least to bring real and fake news into closer affinity.

Flash news : secession

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:17 pm
by Meno_
Just hot of the presses: almost 40% of national population approved of secession of states from Nation

Shocking and dramatic escalation of national disarray. Not since the civil war has this level of frustration have occurred.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:25 pm
by Meno_
John Brennan , former CIA head under the Bush administration. , am outspoken critic of Pres. Trump, had his security clearance canceled. He claims Trump did that , because of insistence on his part of the claim that the president was guilty of high crimes against the Unoted States.
The collusion and the cover up very reminiscent of the Nixon cover up , has at the very least, damaged and tainted the institutional governance of the United States.
Its incredible that things have proceeded this far, aided and abetted by a Republican control of Congress.
Or is it?
The sense of something ominous hanging in the air, and there is an air of despairing futility politically.
A new opinion by a Harvard Law Professor shares the view, specifically , that the trial of Manaford has been mismanaged by a judge of misplaced partiality and anti prosecutorial bias against the prosecution.

Again fake or fact?

Update: change in tactics-The Republican reelection committee has reinvented a clever ploy to win in 2020 and this is how they propose to do it:

The best strategy in getting out of the conundrum the current situation finds itself in, is let the Dems win the house this year , go for impeachment and try to bomb the electorate with massive spins on how Trump is going toward a Clintonesque " rather then a Nixonesque outcome of politically motivated public perception.

I think this appears a very good strategy, all the formula needs are some sucesses in passing legislature, and a favorable tilt toward the economic wars raging what appears with the entire world.

Kudos if successful. However, expect a rocky road ahead, to say the least.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:05 pm
by Pedro I Rengel
"The sense of something ominous hanging in the air, and there is an air of despairing futility politically."

For who?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:22 pm
by Meno_
Pedro I Rengel wrote:"The sense of something ominous hanging in the air, and there is an air of despairing futility politically."

For, it appears, as if everyone and their uncle and cousin involved.

For who?

Sorry, placed the reply in the wrong place.

Rengel:.if you could have read more carefully, it was men that wrote ibn the wrong place. And you write wherever. Hope you read this .

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:01 pm
by Pedro I Rengel
What, I can't creative write?

Whereever place I be, that be the right place.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:48 pm
by Fixed Cross
Maxine Waters is that the scent of futility in the air
putrid morbid gloats line an unsacred moor

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:25 am
by Pedro I Rengel
Ask not for whom an ominous sense of politically dispairing futility hangs,

It hangs for fascistoids.

1st set back

PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:19 pm
by Meno_
The Senate unanimously passed a resolution condemning Trump's declaration dismissive of the press totally, by stating that the press is the enemy of the people.

I can't think of expressing it more powtically then that, it's stark reality is almost beyond description as it is.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:04 pm
by Meno_
2nd set back

Trum publicly rebuked the Mueller investigation by comparing Nixon's problems pre impeachment with McArthy-ism , in a subtle attempt to shift the fulcrum of public opinion severely to the right, as the wheels of justice grind on.

As his travails being comparable with McArthy ism as red baiting and fake .

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:13 am
by WendyDarling
Meno_ wrote:The Senate unanimously passed a resolution condemning Trump's declaration dismissive of the press totally, by stating that the press is the enemy of the people.

I can't think of expressing it more powtically then that, it's stark reality is almost beyond description as it is.

The Jewish/Zionist owned press is corrupt to the core and their agenda is to dismantle the sovereignty and the peoples of this country with a one world global agenda that will steamroll over every nations human individual rights and economic freedoms, we will support their wellbeings but not our own or our countries, only Israel will shine untouched as they do now no matter how many Palestinians they kill or how much money they funnel out of every nation worldwide with their victim shenanigans. The big press outlets support that agenda with their fear mongering and divisive, downright anti-american propaganda that always slants the news in favor of that progressive agenda...ta hell with conserving American ideals and values, ta hell with a man and woman wedding and having children that they actually raise to be responsible, well informed, thinking adults,... [Edited rant]

Trum publicly rebuked the Mueller investigation by comparing Nixon's problems pre impeachment with McArthy-ism , in a subtle attempt to shift the fulcrum of public opinion severely to the right, as the wheels of justice grind on.

What justice? The liberal's kind of justice?