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Rich get richer

Postby Meno_ » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:01 pm

This is another probable scenario, perhaps with some merit in staying its merit, at least within the matrix of today's environs.

Now we all know about the existential dilemma of trying to stay alive, as an individual with a holding of perceived and sustained values to live by.

The dilemma has progressed by leaps and bounds to include ethical considerations related to organ replacement and implant. That is current and there is no need to doubt the enormous injustices introduced by such . There are parts of this world where child trafficking results in the butchering for material gain , by trading in the innards of children's carcasses for profit. And the profit is at times am irresistible opportunity for some.

The pyramid of power slowly grinds its way upwards toward the pinnacle, where less and less people can finance organ transplants. and more and more, as costs rise, insurance companies are opting not to pay for them either either progressively.

Now consider a scenario where this process nears the tip of this tower of power: Right now, kidney transplants will replace other forms of treatment such as dialysis, but only for those who can cover the costs. Most organs will fall into the replacable category, and in cases of multiple organ failure,
the feasibility for replacing them will be prohibitive , for all but the extremely wealthy, who may still retain their quality of life, as worth while.

The last stage will occur, when maybe only a handful , or even a solitary figure can make it to the point where even the brain itself needs to be transplanted to further the closing of life. And providing this person has been able to sustain wealth to finance the refreshing and computerized re treatment of many fold transplanted organ failures.

Even now siegeroes for prostate carcinoma and other treatment methods use Davinci surgeries utilizing increasing reliance on machines and computers.

The last ones will have all of the contents of his brain downloaded into a super computer, which will be again downloaded from some kind of cloud, into a totally new and clear brain, whereupon this individual can become exactly who he was prior to death. A mate shall be chosen with this procedure, call them Adam and Eve

They will be either wise beyond description, with their wisdom encoded within very specialized areas in their brain, or configured with intact personalities about developmental progressions along the lines of a repetitive processes.

This all sounds science fictional , but man started to fly merely 100 years ago, and the severely sudden increase in the rate of the rate of change of a accumulated science.
In addition, the powers to be increasingly capitalize all development and utilization, and on that premise . making the claims as the above, is not inconceivable.

In addition, the fact is coming to light , that the ultra-wealthy has routinely constructed shelters to survive, inn the event of a nuclear holocaust or accident.
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