baaaa go the sheep...

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baaaa go the sheep...

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:48 pm

as Mueller has gotten closer and closer to an understanding of
the collusion between IQ45 campaign and Russia, I have noticed
that the sheep have baaaa louder and louder about alleged
Clinton crimes.... in other words, they try to distract and hide
the fact that IQ45 is in real legal trouble....the longer Mueller
has gone, the louder the sheep have baaaaaa about something,
anything to make us forget IQ45 collusion.....
oh, look a plane crash, oh look ummm, Clinton caused something..
yah, yah, umm, Clinton started World War 2... anything to distract and
make you forget about IQ45 campaign and collusion......

baaaaaa away sheep... it won't help you or IQ45.... two indictments and
one guilty plea and the guilty plea is the one you need to hide and distract us
from.... that is the one that is real go ahead baaaaaaaaaa

Clinton started something and look, a quarter on the ground and, and, and
Coomey was crooked and, oh, yah, the sky is blue annnnnd anything to
distract and hide the fact that IQ45 did collude with Russia in the election....

so, let us hear it.....baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaaa....

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Re: baaaa go the sheep...

Postby Jakob » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:20 am

Financial Times

Although the 31-page indictment against Mr Manafort, who was charged along with business partner Richard Gates, focused mainly on the Republican operative’s work in Ukrainian politics before joining Mr Trump’s team, Mr Papadopoulos provided a detailed account of his work to secure damaging information about Democratic rival Hillary Clinton from Russian sources.

According to a charge sheet filed along with his guilty plea, Mr Papadopoulos is accused of working with a London-based academic who claimed to have connections to President Vladimir Putin’s family. “They [the Russians] have dirt on her,” the professor told Mr Papadopoulos in April 2016, according to the documents. “The Russians had emails on Clinton . . . they have thousands of emails.”
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