Biden’s Bringing Better Back

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Re: Biden’s Bringing Better Back

Postby Sculptor » Fri Jun 25, 2021 1:20 pm

Gloominary wrote:A progressive populist's take on Biden's presidency:

I agree with him.

But everything he is angry about is stuff that neither Biden nor Trump is going to do. Except that the chance of ANY republican doing that stuff is ZERO. Trump will never offer, nor provide the things he wants.
So the solution to his problem and YOURS is not to vote Trump, but to lobby for a better version of Biden, and that would be Bernie Sanders.
Prescription drug reform is an urgent need.
In the UK we pay $10 for any and every prescription; that is usually a 4 weeks' supply.
Some get free prescriptions, under 16, over 60, unemployed.
It has not destroyed the economy.
Student Debt reform. Not sure what the issue is in the US.
In the UK you only start having to repay when your salary is above average. And the rates are low. When you hit 60years of age any remaining debt is wiped.
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