the number delusion

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the number delusion

Postby lordoflight » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:30 pm

So I was trying to do physics, using data points. I also talked with some physics professors. They told me there are some things mathematics simply cannot do. Basically, in order to fit the data points, I needed a 5 coefficient, quartic/biquadratic regression. I ran the equation into simplifiers, but it simplified it to a minimum of at least 3 polynomials.

I could not discern any patterns.

I think ever since the greek days, humankind has embarked upon a great delusion, the delusion of mathematics.

I think mathematics was easy at the time, because there were no photocopies, and only runes themselves had an identity. Combining the runes in different ways changed the end outcome. The runes had a fixed (limited) identity. The runes identity was limited in scope.

In essence, you are combining items and trying to produce a result (recipe.) But the ingredients you are using, are neutered, their identity compressed into a block.

So when science first approached physics, they were using a flawed methodology: mathematics. That is the way their abstract minds practiced the world, in units. (Strange how eunuchs sounds the same as units. Because it is castrated. Devoid of organicism.)

In fact even the way numbers work is flawed, and reduces the amount of patterns we can get from them. For instance, the 10 system, goes back on itself and erases possible patterns. So you get numbers like 3.1415 which are called "irrational" numbers. Even though it is the most rational number. Mathematics is an inversion of reality, a delusion. Rational is irrational, and irrational is rational.

So how could science expect to find the theory of everything, using numbers? Numbers are fundamentally flawed and degrade everything they are used in.

Instead, data points should be refined as curves. The curves overlayed, placed on top of each other, refined into the most common curve. Our minds should think in curves, organically. That is the natural way. To think about curves. Our science should be done by curves. How we think, how we reason, how we solve problems, should all be based on curves. Even our language, should be reformulated as curves.
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