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New animated insight into the higher activities of the brain

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 8:25 am
by anand_droog
Electrical Engineers, Neuroscientists, and Other Scientists!

New insights into higher activities (nonlinear thinking) of the brain. Watch video*! Link:

Can a new generation of neural networks be engineered out of this understanding?

Some might attempt that but I think the answer is No, because what will happen is reconciliation of that AI sector with the understanding that the (human/animal) brain, if Norepi-functional, is already the most efficient and successful such design.

Well, well... that would be a coup in itself.

* Maybe, for the more natural/bio-sciences-oriented among us, you could watch this below video if you want to understand the subject of this post, i.e. my brain science video* ... be&t=7m50s