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Postby Arcades cinza » Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:16 am

We perceive time, regardless of how we choose to scientiically or philosophically characterize the perceived effect itself- we perceive, and the perceiving is a physical process therefore causal in all cases if we allow the separation of logic that is the acceptance of the character of causal acts defining the effect of the state of continuous presence, meaning that notions of past and future are not experienceable,but only perceived in states that can only be described as presences, therefore , in time, only material relative, rather than possible or probable or ever stative. I put it forward to you the future and the past are not mere linear descernments of point along the causal sequence line as we characterize with the socalled descriptivity of causal acts ,but, to the most definite temporal comprehense- presence, relative noncentralent spatiality that is always there "materially ,but reachable. Only when the "organics" think of it so to speak,meaning that the material elements of thought-elementary particles systemize dynamicer than neurochemistry can relay pro-effect , which I can ratio-intend to the magnitudinal divide between the force strength between the strong force and the electromagnetic force, keeping in mind that photons are the most overt conveyors of the neural systematic (the strong force "is" stronger than the electromagnetic force per se ,but how, and this how is the comparative fixations of material presentation in spacetime of the carrier particles,also the manifest physical form of the particles are dictated by fixation). I could detail how iso-spin cuts through the notion of centralent physical points being nothing more than an effect of the aforementioned ratioa-intent , but save that for now I take it to the direction of mathematics instead. The measurement of physical space and the the temporal increase or decrease of numericable factors are both processes contexted within the parameters of the causal sequence,performed per se by the neural systemic .
Mathematics then,given foundation of the aforementioned ratio-intent, must assume the augmentation of inherent spatial factotum, described in an alternate slate of symbolism that is not merely analog representations of numeric valuation and capacity. With this will come a complexer manipulation capacity for the strong force and the strong force range.but it must be understood that mathematics is causal, along linearly the casual sequency of the universe,perceived classically,therefore lacking complete, unhindered, physical(neural ) systematics to take us any further into the universe as organics.
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