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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby Meno_ » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:55 pm

This is why, I am ultimately a Trumpist, and agree with Your previous assessment, that under Hilary Clinton, a final nuclear conflict might not have been avoidable.

Basically, it is through its entertaining , clownish script, it really is an example of haute theatre, in the tradition of Aristophanes, and now, Moliere. The French understand it in terms of their imitation of Democracy after the American model.
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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby Meno_ » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:31 pm

More to this then meet the eye. It's shaping up at least to me the following way.

As odd as it appears, Trump is following a well prepared script. The covering of THE COLLUSION, over the anomalies of the business hanky panky, is very deceptive, in itself.

The fact is, and Arminius may back me up in this one, there may have been a major confrontation if Hilary would have won. The US Russia relations reached a low point under Obama, for the reason that the liberal priority was and is fodder for internal consumption, their continuous political struggle against the Republicans, as viscous as the contrary seems to be the case now. The only thing which made a difference from the then and the now, was that the liberal press had added its weight to an uncertain bias to the Democrats favor. This meant , shifting the perspective away from international relations, for that was not going well at all, the most disturbing : the red line in the sand spectacle. It's forgotten how weak Obama was perceived,but that appearance brought on its self fulfilling prophecy, of filling up the vacuum of perceived weakness. Hence, weakness brought on the Russian Ukrain dare me, and Putin, a very intelligent man, with vastly more information on the US, started dealing Trump, who was in dire need to refuel the coffins, innocently at first, not yet comprehending the startup of the large shadow of economic espionage, and barter of political capital for grants of bailouts of a vounerable Trump.

But this may only be an appearent subterfuge of a lot more complex and devious strategy. The discussions may have taken place, not merely consisting of chit chat between the Donald and Putin, but with a shadow of intelligence agencies in concert.

The major premise may have been THE GEOPOLITICAL REPRECUSSIONS arising from an appearent laissez faire prescription toward a less then candy rapped reality, fueled by the more and more obvious smell of big league politics.

That is: what is the substance of liberal Capitalism world wide, especially as that between the book ends of the Nixon debacle, and the re-surfacing of major economic problems signaled by the Great Recession? Was it a sign, a prophetic warning of a severe growing awareness of a huge Achilles heal in the lack of ideological justification in any presumption that the NWO will work?

The question would maybe have been too large to put to computers, reversely, to the accuracy that simulated war could forecast the real thing.

Putin, probably gambled Trump will take the bait, inasmuch he was on the hook to the US Bancruptsy Trustees for an all or nothing scenario, as well. So he got on TV, maybe to preamble and test the waters, maybe not, but that TV was a training ground, of that can be no doubt.

Putin, besides placing great emphasis on intelligence saw Trump coming, before he could determine whether the White of his eyes could be trusted or not. He knew he had something, and the slow and calculated ingratiation proved useful and finally successful.
The parade of US intelligence of the various agencies, appearing bumblers is a smokescreen, and the cover
of intelligence coincides with the appearent
loss of the last 45 years of intelligence. The fact that myopia infects the population, feeds the intelligence
of those, who believe by now, that populations can be
weaned off the slants of liberal media, as much as to be treated with shock and awe of the rise of increased social control.

To feed the marginalized population, especially those at the lower end, is to incourage the progressive
meltdown of standards, resulting in an individual
reliance of the precious remaining Capital, both economic and political, with which to compete internationally.

If You can't beat them ,join them, better red than dead are forgotten and useless cliches that are
forgotten vestiges of harangue, tolls of nostalgia,
only the old guard cared to remember.

So Eisenhower's warning of 'Beware of the Military-
Industrial Complex, may have made especial sense to
Nixon, his VP, and he was just too premature, ahead of his time, to indulge the weary population, milk fed on their son's heroism, which slowly ebbed away
when realizing that it was more of a religious rite, the
sacrificial young men erected on the tomb of insufferable weight gain of junk, junk food and overindulgence and paranoia of the US position in the

That position by then, had attained almost epic proportions, and that is the reason that the era was
lost, in the sixties, as they had done in the lost
generation. That era never ended, and the lostness was never demarked until well into the eighties.

Then, the party was really over, and all indications pointed to a recurrence, which indeed arrived in the form of the Great Recession.

Politicians like to ad lib with cute grabbing phrases, to accommodate the verbal hook of liberal thinking,
and nothing of this was lost on Putin. Putin's
intelligence put US intelligence to shame, and by this time it may have become obvious that better red then dead was preferable to human extension. This brings into question the power of Putin to engage, but his lack of power to disengage the US.

If the above, any part of it can connect the dots, the
variables lasting 40 some years, enough to
parallel and shadow changes of a hundred years, - say from 1900 on, reminiscent of extended inter European struggle time, 100 years wars, etc. than 40
years will not seem such a large passage of time.

Not to miss Trump's point that the first thing he will put on the Oval Office wall is his tutor, Nixon's
prophecy of Trump becoming a president someday.
The handwriting on the wall, is a literal reminder of how things work out, sometimes silently, as the river Don flows.

If this scenario is credible, then indeed Trump IS Manifest Destiny. And, may God Help Him.
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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby Arminius » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:50 pm

Follow this link, please!
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Re: Trump Supporter

Postby Meno_ » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:20 pm

My friend . I have read the link and responded to it in it. Since this seems to me , to be an ongoing issue based on very large perimeters, I consider Your posed question as linear, but extemporenous to the main line.

Since my inner struggles have similarity and parallelism to the wider scope of the present atmosphere, , it seems a political litmus test for the political gyroscope that has stunned .the nation of the US, similarly as it has the whole world, it may be fitting to follow the course it takes. Its not completely without merit to do so

For it is normal for such politically falsely transmitted populisms which and through which to peer into, and essentially with which to imbue..

As much as it is interesting to examine by-lines of apparent connections to the manyformed ideas out there, the search for true facts should not harbor quasi-logical outfield notions .

That my own situation and dilemmas are ironically slice the intersection of issues very much tangential and relevant, does not take away any impetus with which to discredit them.

An exclusion on basis of irrelevance is understandable, but an inclusion because of even a hint of relevance is even more so.

If the mark of a philosopher is a tendency not to be swayed by emotionalism of the most.likely kind, then I say, without blinders on, let all the facets of philosophical discourse shed light instead of sheltering darkness.

As far as it goes with me, my personal quandary and everyone else's at.this crucial time, is still profound and important.

We have discussed taking sides, I know Your position, and I feel I know mine. The logistics is similar, the only difference is in the defining of terms used.
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