Challenge for Carleas

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Challenge for Carleas

Postby Ecmandu » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:45 pm

Firstly, I never got your two warnings mag...
Sorry about that...

So here's the deal.

Carleas wrote:

To paraphrase MLK: Insults cannot drive out unreason, only reason can do that. Ad homs cannot drive out an existential threat to philosophy, only good philosophy can do that.

Ecmandu wrote:

I'll formally debate you on that!!

The crux of my debate is this:

Someone always uses the argument there is no reason and always wins debates and gets tons of attention and presumably never ad Homs ....


And all the reasonable people keep losing the debate...

What's the solution??

I mean, technically, I'm violating spam policy by typing jibberish after each iambiguous post, right?

Even funnier that you should say that, since you banned me for four days!!

Lol... I'm not laughing at you, I just find it hilarious given context !

So this is what I want to add... Never did I turn in 20 pages of blank paper!! :)

We need to nip the objective / subjective camps in the bud with a serious meta debate about this rule, and whether reason can destroy unreason :)

I'll let you gather the forces of your thoughts, but on some level...

I think you see my point...


I'll take the debate not only that ad Homs can be implicit in the case of saying there is no bad, wrong, incorrect...

I'll debate that it's overtly inflammatory...

And I'll debate that people who do this cannot be swayed by reason!!

Think through the steps of:

"There is no wrong" "there is no reason"

It's neither wrong or right to type it or argue for or against it!


So how exactly does one exersize reason to combat this?
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