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Re: Authenticity/Individuality - VOTE FOR GOD'S SAKE, VOTE !

Postby fuse » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:21 am

Tab wrote:Seriously though, there's a method to my madness. I imagine the average punter as believing X. My intention is to move that belief to a new location - let's call it X+5 - in the direction of my beliefs.

However, I think, if I pitch my argument at +5 and +5 only, the punter eventually will be motivated to move only a couple of notches toward it - to +3 or something at best. So, instead I take an exaggerated stance, usually an absolutist one, pulling out all the stops, and hope to pull Mr. or Ms. Punter along in my wake as I hurtle off into the hinterlands of believebility, to that desired +5, before they shake their heads and call me crazy. Bright lines have an appeal all of their own.

:wink: Mysterious ways, mysterious ways.

And I hate to say it Fuse, but you are a little terse. But still, if you wanna debate something again, I'd be more than happy.

Ah, okay now I understand. 'Cause I was like how in the world are you going to attempt to prove that authenticity is impossible. But if your goal was not necessarily to make a successful proof, but to move people closer to that end of the spectrum, job well done. I'll take terse. I'm still developing my style of expression. I'd definitely debate again, but maybe not so formally for a little while. Any challenge that comes up in the other forums, though, it's on.
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