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appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 4:46 am
by gib
Do you ever wonder why wokesters color their hair blue, green, or purple? Because those are the only colors that human beings don't really have. If someone were to color their hair blond for example, it would be... wait for it... hair color appropriation. You know, 'cause all those years past, when you walked down the street with your bleached blond hair, you caused untold suffering and torment against all the real blonds you passed by. Oh, the horror you left in your wake, you bigoted nazi! But of course, to this day, people will still dye their hair colors that are the rightful property of other people--even some wokesters who haven't been brainwa--er--educated enough to realize the catastrophes they cause by their blond or red or brunette hair dye. But I am telling you now! STOP DOING IT!!! The madness must end! The victims! Oh, the countless victims who are suffering for your vanity! You must stop oppressing them! It's a lesson that should be taught in wokism 101 (aka university).

On that note, everyone knows not to color your skin that of another race. Robert Downey Jr., for example, committed an atrocity equivalent to Stalin's starving of 4 million Ukrainians in 1932/33 by coloring his skin black for his role in Tropic Thunder:

tropic-thunder-robert-downey-jr.jpg (47.14 KiB) Viewed 188 times

^ Just another cruel act of appropriation by a white man against the black community. I mean, if he keeps this up, there'll be no more black for black people themselves.

Now, don't be fooled by the argument that coloring your skin that of another race, or cultural appropriation of any kind, is really an act of appreciation--as though the only reason one would appropriate the skin color, style, art, memes, behaviors, etc., of other groups is because they admire those groups. No, that's silly. If you admire another group for their clothes, hair color, manners of speaking and behaving, etc., you certainly wouldn't want to emulate them. No, no, no, you would want to stay as far away from their style of clothing, hair color, manners of speaking/behaving, etc. as possible. I mean, when I meet a person I admire, I immediately want to behave in the exact opposite way as them. So anyone who claims to be appropriating from another group because they admire them is a down right fucking liar. In reality, they're trying to oppress those groups by stealing from them. That's right... when a man dresses like another man, he essentially takes a dresses from the other man, and there are one fewer dresses to go around for those who own the many dresses that belong to their group.

Take for example, young Sean King from Colorado, a 2nd grader boy who dressed up as MLK for a school presentation, painting his face black for the part:

Now, it's obvious in every way that this young boy meant harm. He was deliberately trying to oppress the black community by taking their skin color. Because of this heinous act, there was a baby born to black parents somewhere in this world deprived of black--that's right, because this Colorado boy took some black which didn't belong to him, the baby didn't get any, and had to be born white. <-- So you see what happens when we appropriate the skin color of other races? It's essentially theft. It's certainly not the case that the young Colorado boy looked up to MLK. It's not possible that in his 2nd grade social studies class, learning about the Civil Rights movement that MLK championed inspired this kid, made MLK into a childhood hero for him. It can't be that his decision to paint his face black was... dare I say... a tribute to MLK. Of course not! Who could even suggest such a thing? Certainly not Dee Snider, lead singer of Twisted Sister and world renouned expert in matters of race and appropriation (yes, he's still around). In his words, "Was it the kid's idea to join [black people, I guess?], or did the parents come up with the idea to do it? I wrote a report on Martin Luther King. I didn't do it in black face." <-- And there you have it... because Snider didn't color his face black for his report on MLK, it could not have been the kids idea. It's basic logic! Pick up any Intro to Logic 101 text book, and you'll find that's the first axiom of logic: if Snider never did it, no one could have (at least, not out of their own initiative). Therefore, ergo, modus ponens, it must have been the parents! When it really comes down to it, it's always the parents. This young Colorado 2nd grader proves that even children can do some awful racist things, but the responsibility always falls on the parents. They are the real perpetrators in these games. They weren't standing behind their son, proud of his efforts, ambition, inspiration, intellectual vigor... no, they were using him--using their own son--as fodder to feed the racist war machine that is white America and the sin of cultural appropriation and all other kinds of appropriation.

So remember this, ladies and gentlemen, appropriation of anything from another group of people--whether that be hair color, skin color, eye color, clothing, art, music, speech, behavior, food, business, brand of tooth paste, etc.--is an act of oppression. Here's some examples which you probably never thought of (you racist, sexist, homophobic prick):

* Hockey--now while I can't say Canadians invent the game, it is common knowledge that hockey is our sport. So to the rest of the world: you are not allowed to play hockey!

* Blue jeans--pretty sure this is an American invention. So no other country is allowed to wear blue jeans.

* Obesity--definitely an American phenomenon. No one but Americans are allowed to be fat.

* Star Wars--invented by creative genius George Lucas, who happens to be an American, so no one else is allowed to participate in Star Wars paraphernalia--whether that be watching the movies, buying or using the merchandise, creating spin offs, or even talking about it. So unless you're American, you never heard of Star Wars. (Actually, I'm wondering whether this is an American phenomenon or just a white-middle-aged-bearded-man phenomenon... idk, tbd).

* Cultural Appropriation--while the US is certainly not the first to commit the grievous sin of cultural appropriation, everyone knows it takes the cake in leading the world in such activities--I mean, how could it not being the #1 country in the world for racism and oppression of minorities--so like niggers beings the only group allowed to use the N word, Americans are the only group who are allowed to appropriate culture. The rest of y'all, don't do it!

Re: appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 8:55 am
by Dan~
I'll sum up your point:
American culture is largely foolish.

Re: appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:12 pm
by gib
Dan~ wrote:I'll sum up your point:
American culture is largely foolish.

Weeelll, not quite. I know Americanism was in there a lot, but that's because America tends to be responisble for the inventions of most commodaties to which cultural appropriation (or [fill-in-the-blank] appropriation) is most applicable to. For example, blue jeans. As I mentioned in my OP, blue jeans, invented in America I assume, ought to be a qualified candidate for a commodaty to which [blue-jeans] appropriation applies. So why shouldn't it count?

But the focus is on the blue jeans, not Americans.

I hope that clears up my point.

Re: appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:26 pm
by Dan~
Your point is sarcasm though, isn't it?

Re: appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2021 7:34 pm
by iambiguous
Dan~ wrote:I'll sum up your point:
American culture is largely foolish.

Actually, his point seems to revolve more around mocking those who do not think exactly as he does about the "woke" culture. Let's call this, say, objectivism.

Here, in fact, is a less sarcastic, more traditionally conservative perspective on it: ... -ends.html

I have actually created a whole thread here in which to explore this sort of thing with him: ... 1&t=196636

Nope, nothing from him yet.

Re: appropriation of all kinds--hair, skin, and cultural

PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2021 12:41 am
by gib
Dan~ wrote:Your point is sarcasm though, isn't it?

Of course! I wouldn't be caught dead arguing along wokist lines even if you paid me (and if you happened to pay me several million dollars to defend a wokist position, I would use that money to buy defenses and my one online platform through which I can express my bigotted, nazi, anti-woke opinions).

America just came up a lot in the OP because 4 out of 5 times I thought of a good candidate for cultural appropriation, it turned out to be American, which is not a surprise since America comes out with about 4 out of 5 of the things that are popular enough for people to want to appropriate it. That's when I tried to think Canadian, and came up with hockey.