we have a new name for the GOP

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we have a new name for the GOP

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:51 pm

upon reflection, we can see that the old GOP no longer exists....

for the current GOP has no interest in the old issues of the conservative....

lower taxes, smaller government, personal responsibility,
principle like that mean nothing to the new party....

but hay, of great interest is the latest conspiracy theory....

who did the Clinton's kill last week? where is the secret location of
their world wide pedephile headquarters? actually, it is in a
pizzeria in Salt Lake City.. the building looks beat up from the outside
but below it is chamber after chamber with electronics that rival
the NSA.......

but what about the principles that actually cause one to be
a conservative? you know,, real principles about
the role and meaning of people and the government?

don't be old school Kropotkin.... the new party, the party of UR and Observe
have no need for any such principles.... so we now need a new name for the GOP...
and I have just the name....

The TIN FOIL HAT party... or we might call it... the TFH and TFH members might
called TFHers.....so, what happens to the old GOP which had principles
and ideals?... well, no one actually seems to care what happens to the old
GOP.... it is all about the TFH and its members and what conspiracy theory
they hold to his week.....principles and ideals, so old school...

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Re: we have a new name for the GOP

Postby Phaedrus » Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:40 pm

GOPQ fits well, too. A Repbulicuck by any other name will still smell like a rotten egg fart. :lol:

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