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Political correct pro-lifers....

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:19 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
there are many here who belong to the "TIN HAT PARTY" otherwise previously known
the GOP....and I want to explore one such belief of the conservative...

Abortion.... many including some here have made arguments against abortion
based upon this idea of being pro-life....but are they really pro-life?

I doubt it based upon reasons I shall write about here.....

upon what principles do they object to abortion? is it to "save"
the fetus? to "protect" life? naw, that has nothing to do with it....

to be anti-abortion is pretty much the "political correct" position within
the conservative movement....that is the "political correct" belief to hold to
be considered a conservative...virtually all other conservative positions are
up for grabs, but not abortion... that is the one certain position one must hold
to be considered "conservative"...hence I call it "political correct" because it is the one
belief that all conservative must hold to be in the group.....

so let us follow this allege "pro-life" belief throughout the entire life......

so, you force a women to have a child against her wishes and a child she doesn't want......
that is what it means to force women to have children...if she wants an abortion, she
by definition doesn't want that child and forcing her to carry that unwanted child to term,
that already creates a child that isn't wanted and most likely less loved then other
possible children....interesting fact, that children who join gangs and create crime in
our cities are most likely the one who the mother didn't want and doesn't really love..
studies have shown this.. the ones who join gangs and engage in violence are
probably the children force to be born against the mothers wishes....

so, let us say, the mother decides to give the child up to adaption... do you
as a Pro-life person, adapt that child? no, of course not... because it isn't your

the reality is your pro-life belief ends once the child is born....

so, the mother needs money to feed and clothe and house that unwanted child
you forced her to have... do you favor increasing the budget for WIC programs?
of course not, you are a conservative and you believe that people should take
personal responsibility for their, they should take personal responsibility
for having a child they didn't want and be liable to cover all the cost of that child...
even if the mother can't... I have heard the argument that by increasing the
WIC benefits, you "encourage" women to have children....or somehow women will
have children to financially benefit from know, those unwanted children
that you forced them to have.....but of course, the great thing about being
"political correct.. pro-lifer" is that you don't have to take any responsibility for your
forcing women to have children they don't want... the key is to claim that they must
take, yep you guessed it, personal responsibility... but you don't have to take any
responsibility for forcing women to have children they don't want... it isn't your
problem.... and you simply walk away from the problem you caused....

so, when children get older and need greater supplies, to you support
government assistance? no, of course not... god forbid we discourage
women from taking "personal responsibility" for their actions, you know,
forcing them to have children they don't want....

so, you, on principle object to aid to women to feed and clothe the children
you forced them to have... in other words, you are pro-life until they are born,
and then they are on their own....

do you favor holding policemen accountable for shooting black people?
because that would actually be pro-life? but of course, no, no you don't favor
holding policemen accountable for their actions... you know, having
personal responsibility for their might interfere with the
"law and order" details of their, in regards to holding policemen
accountable for the deaths they cause, no and and thus once again,
you are not pro-life....

do you favor increasing social security benefits for seniors?

naw, they should have been, wait for it, personally responsible for
their retirement we force seniors to choose between
eating and getting their medicine.. which of course means you have no
interest in being pro-life... because it costs you money...
which isn't being pro-life.... but is all about saving money for yourself....

to care more about how much it cost instead of saving people's life, isn't
being pro-life... and that once again, absolves you from any
responsibility for actually caring about life after it is born....

to be "Political correct.. pro-lifer" means to force others to act in
a way that you approve but won't engage with to help them in
any way, shape or form.... everyone has to take "personal responsibility"
except for can just demand that everyone takes personal
responsibility for your actions forcing women to have children they don't want.....

you claim to be pro-life all the way until they are born... and then someone
else has to take "personal responsibility" for you forcing women to have children
they don't want........

and all because you want to look good to your conservative friends... hay, look
I am "pro-life" and that is the "political correct" belief among conservatives.....
forcing women to have children they don't want...