Exclusion, Division, Disassociation is the path Forward

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Exclusion, Division, Disassociation is the path Forward

Postby Urwrongx1000 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:53 am

It is proved that the Conservative-Right-Republican can no longer live in or share a country with the Liberal-Left-Democrat (Communist).

So what must happen next is Exclusion and Division. Families must be split-apart. The country must relocate.

America must move to a new location and centrality so that the Old Constitution can be reasserted.

The American project and dream has failed, for the most part, contemporarily. But this does not mean it is or was "all bad". It was and is mostly-good.

It is worth while to reassert the American Constitution, but in a way that the same mistakes will not be had a second time around.

The Conservative-Right needs new Media platforms, new cultural platforms, new 'Hollywood', new education and schools.

A complete deviation away from those destroying the United States, destroying America, and destroying our Constitution.

I recommend this:

Keep the Bill of Rights, keep the first Ten Amendments, and restart a new society with completely new laws. America 2.0.

Liberal-Left-Democrats Communists will not be invited. And these people will not be welcome in America 2.0.
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Re: Exclusion, Division, Disassociation is the path Forward

Postby WendyDarling » Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:15 am

I’m not crazy about Republicans either, they make up half of the swamp and most are acting a part in public as if they are truly different, better, than libtarded Dems but they’re all too cozy with their opposition behind the scenes, so a majority of them are acting without true loyalty to being conservative. I think we already have a one party system run by elites and their corporations. We’re already in a state of more fascism than we ever imagined but Trump did give our country a wake up call to see the 5000 page congressional bills and all their subversive hidden riders mixed in adding to the downfall of our country. America is in decline due to all the rot in Washington, DC. and its outliers. Mostly bad actors are running the show.
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Re: Exclusion, Division, Disassociation is the path Forward

Postby obsrvr524 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:45 pm

Urwrongx1000 wrote:Keep the Bill of Rights, keep the first Ten Amendments, and restart a new society with completely new laws. America 2.0.

Liberal-Left-Democrats Communists will not be invited. And these people will not be welcome in America 2.0.

Perhaps a nice thought but get real.

Where are you going to go to set up this new republic? Texas? Florida? Some other country?

And once you did that - wherever you did that - look at the situation you would be in -

The CCP and that globalists are more than willing to use literally anything necessarily to wipe you out. You have gathered all of those patriots into one place. "Thank you" China says - "Now we can wipe them out all at once."

They can and will be more than happy to unleash just another COVID strain into that group before any existing vaccine could help - and prevent any vaccine from being used even if one comes up. They simply DO NOT CARE - AT ALL - in fact prefer being able to just annihilate you all at once - what is a few 100 million out of 7 billion - "We have too many anyway".

And even without that - they won the takeover of the former US through a virus and cancer - both social and physical = "the invisible enemy" - appearing to be something other than what they were - "body snatchers".

So if for some reason they choose to not simply wipe you out so conveniently, why wouldn't they just send in a military force or just do the same thing again? Or with already existing relatively low power laser satellites "spontaneously combust" each individual on the already composed list down to their shoes without even disturbing the coffee cup in front of them - simply replace the upholstery, carpet, or grass spot and ventilate the smoke - ALL of you gone in a single day (the same technique often used in brain cancer operations - to them - You are the "cancer"). Either option would be much easier once the patriots gathered and isolated themselves into a target.

Your enemy has absolutely no morals or ethics and very little in the way of impediments. But they do have an extreme lust for absolute power over ALL people. And are notably willing to exterminate any they cannot control or reprogram. They have no need for you and very very seriously no do not want you to exist at all. If they could target you individually today (which they could if inspired) and simply murder you without it being too much politically noisy - they would do it in a heart beat. They have been hording resources for everything for decades. You need them far far more than they need you - that was their original intent - now accomplished. And now they don't need you at all. And you can do nothing at all to them.

  • They have all of the weapons with no restrictions for their use.
  • You have almost no weapons at all and very restricted from doing anything but what you are told.

What kind of thing could you possibly do to escape merely making yourself an easier target?

    "Listen to me. Listen to me. This is very important. Where you going to go -- what you going to do -- where you going to go? --- --- no where" - said the naked "alien" woman pretending to be the man's wife

    "You can run but you can't hide" - the surveilling Globalists

Sounds like a good challenge for James. :-?
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