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Postby WW_III_ANGRY » Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:52 pm

“The Fake News Media”, the lying press, Lügenpresse. This tactic to discredit the free press, the truth, and pave the way for fascist perverted lies is nothing new. Hitler did it. Trump does it. Today we have the swaths of Trump supporters under the similar fascist spell of Hitler, believing anything he says as long as it suits their preconceived severe far right bias and suits their ultimate fascist agenda backed by hatred, “domination”, and purity of the country for their cause.

Trump had tried to blame antifa for things before, but with the uprising in America today we have him pushing them as the scapegoat again, to his spellbound base. Anyone who riots now is antifa, antifa are also terrorists (although its not clear if Trump can label American citizens as terrorists), shows us a similar path fascist Hitler took on in his demonization of communists and liberals in Nazi Germany. They too demonized the media and you can see Trump supporters occasionally calling out the media as “Jew controlled” today. Facts be damned, fascist like bias is of utmost important, antifa is now the catch all enemy for anyone who now riots, or loots and anyone who riots and loots deemed to be a terrorist it seems.

We see the smear campaign going on by the fascist right in this country, we see what Trump is doing and it is clear as day. Subverting facts for his own hyper polarized version of reality, assuming and blaming whomever for whatever, without any facts to back them up. And his base falls right in line.

Many of the brownshirts in Nazi Germany later graduated to the SS. While far right groups such as the proud boys or any far right thug groups from the “Unit the Right” rally in Charlottesville would be good contenders down the road, but we’re in a position where propagandizing the people can lead to factions and individuals in the very police departments we govern to essentially resort to fascist implementation, such as shooting at and arresting the free press and using excessive force to squash protestors and peaceful protestors. Yes, many individuals in the right are now spellbound to the same propaganda plaguing American conservatives that plagued Nazi Germany.

Using tear gas on peaceful protestors in DC is all we need to know about where Trump and his band of thuggish followers would love for this to go. Fascism is a real threat here in this country and it is by no stretch of the imagination, that America may one day need international support to rid itself of the problem. We have history as our guide…

This is how fascist states come about, however we do have a lot of restrictions and checks and balances to prevent something from really occurring as Trump and his supporters would so desire. Yet the desire to unleash the military upon Americans can destroy a lot of those checks and balances within the state. The insurrection act has legal legitimacy. What we have coming up prior to the critical election ahead, is a looming and damning constitutional crisis with a real threat of fascism. Fortunately, we can see the smear campaign, we can see whats happening and we have outlets to let everyone know and be aware, that this new smear campaign of labeling rioters as terrorists, which may as well just as easily begin the labeling of protestors as terrorists when a biased fascist eye is making the judgment… can be just the beginning of a bigger push for totalitarian Trumpism.

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