Does the positive side of tribalism/racism outshine the nega

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Does the positive side of tribalism/racism outshine the nega

Postby Greatest I am » Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:47 pm

Does the positive side of tribalism/racism outshine the negative side?

The moment we follow our selfish gene’s love bias of tribalism and racism for our own kind and color, we create a hate bias for all other kinds and colors.

Negative racism is born in us from our love of our own kind and color. It is natural and normal for the human species.
We are born the fittest of our line. It follows that nature would have it no other way for us as individual animals but to think of ourselves as the best. Nature always creates for the best possible end and for each of us and our genetic line, something like us is the best.

Tribalism/racism has a dual nature. Good parts and evil parts. Mostly good but it is hell when the uglier negative racist side is in play.

We are racist because we know that reality favors the survival of the fittest. That is what we are in our genetic lines; even the most unfit of us, when compared to the average or above average.

We mostly negatively express our tribalism/racism with violence, even to war and rebellion. The less profitable way to gain the upper hand as compared to trading. Check human history.

We are heading for violence in the U.S thanks to the oppression of too many groups. Blacks, natives, women, gays and all other groups that are oppressed unjustly are beginning to unite into a large group that will no longer be cowed. If nothing changes after peaceful means are tried, violence is bound to happen.

We must live in tribes as we are not in any way born free. That is the good part of tribalism, even as it holds the evil racism part within.

The evil part is using violence against those who are not in our own in groups. That is of course what we whites have been doing to non-whites for a long time now in North America.

It is good to be tribal and loyal to our colors and tribes.

It is foolish to not have the battle of the colors not shift to acceptance instead of hating others and bringing violence to all.

Black to white, all our own genetic lines, have shown that they too are the fittest for their color.

To kill or trade are the only ways to take advantage of each other in terms of control. Good competition without killing or oppressing each other is the ethical way forwards.

I see this as what being civilized is all about, and the best way for tribes, black to white, to co-exist in peace.


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